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Inclement Weather and Other Conditions

Library Closing Policy (Inclement Weather & Other Conditions)

The Briceville Public Library recognizes that on occasion , inclement weather or other conditions may prevent the library from opening, postpone opening, or require early closing.  The primary factor of any decision made will be safety of staff and library patrons.  However, maximum effort will be made to maintain regular library operating hours.

The Briceville Public Library Closing Policy is as follows:

1. In all non-facility, weather related emergencies (e.g. snow & ice storms, flooding, wind) the library shall close only if the Anderson County Sheriff closes the roads.

2. The Director shall have the authority to close the library any time a facility related situation exists that poses a safety risk to patrons or staff (e.g. sewage backup, tree falls, electrical issues, wind damage, insufficient staff etc.)

3. The decision to delay opening, close early, or close all day will take into account: Ability to meet minimal staffing levels, and physical conditions of the facility.

4. In the event of a library closure, an attempt will be made to contact any unattended child's parents or guardian by phone for immediate pickup.  If the attempt to contact a child's parent or guardian is unsuccessful, the supervision of the child will become a police matter to ensure the child's safety.

5. Once a decision has been made to close the library building, the Library Director shall notify the necessary media outlets (Facebook, website) to announce the closing to the general public and staff.