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Peer-reviewed scholarly articles across all academic disciplines.

Half the size of Academic OneFile with the same scholarly content

Articles on farming, horticulture, and agriculture-related fields

Includes articles, primary sources, images, videos, original maps and charts, and more.

WEBSITE: primary source collections organized by historical era

Information on notable people throughout history

Information on great writers and important works in world literature

Full-text article archive from 1980-present

WEBSITE: login to access news, sports, opinion, and entertainment

Current and historic articles - use your BPL card for access (

Enciclopedia español para los estudiantes más jóvenes Encyclopedia Britannica in Spanish (Grades K-8)

Comprehensive encyclopedia with dictionary, thesaurus, atlas, and more

Enciclopedia española para estudiantes mayores Encyclopedia Britannica in Spanish (Grades 9+)

Comprehensive encyclopedia with dictionary, thesaurus, atlas, and more

Articles on accounting, marketing, management, and related fields

Great American Writers

Economic Literacy and Personal Finance

Gods, Goddesses, and Mythology

Great World Writers

Popular Contemporary Writers

Articles on advertising and public relations, linguistics, and related fields

Articles on law, law enforcement, security, terrorism, and more

Recipes, restaurant reviews, industry information, and more

Profiles on countries, US states, and Canadian provinces

WEBSITE: primary and secondary sources on topics in U.S. history

Articles that explore cultural differences and influences in society

Collection of ebooks in different curriculum areas

Articles on economics, interviews with CEOs and entrepreneurs, and more

Learn about animals, plants, music science, sports, and more

Academic articles, videos, case studies, and more on topics in environmental studies

Articles on environmental policies, perspectives, and more

Collection of ebooks including Man, Myth, and Magic and Cultures of the World.

Articles about art history, music, drama, filmmaking, and related fields

WEBSITE: primary sources organized by historical era, global region, or special collections

Government Research Directory, 2008

Health and wellness information for the consumer

Indexed list of how to navigate the reference section

Literary content integrates with subject indexing for a full research experience.

Includes encyclopedias and specialized reference sources for multidisciplinary research

Articles on the practical aspects of gardening, horticulture, and more

Articles on gender, family/marital issues, health, and more

Magazine, news, and journal articles on interesting topics and current events

International academic perspectives on global issues

WEBSITE: login to access articles on literature, politics, culture, finance, and the arts.

Academic health information from the medical professional’s perspective

Information on high school research topics plus pop culture, sports, and more

Articles on architectural techniques, zoning requirements, tools, and more

Articles on the hospitality and tourism fields, plus travel guides and more

Articles on the information and library science profession and related topics

Articles on mortgages, labor relations, legal issues, and more

Explore and analyze hundreds of topics for research and debate.

Collection of academic sources - use your BPL card for access (

WEBSITE: scientific articles written by high school students.

Official federal and state (Massachusetts) legal forms

Full-text literary works including poems, short stories, novels, and more

Digital access to volumes 1 - 463 of Contemporary Literary Criticism

Biography, criticism, and overviews on writers and specific works.

Academic articles, images, topic selections, and more for middle schoolers

Articles on governmental policies, socioeconomics effects of war, and more

WEBSITE: collection of NASA images and videos

WEBSITE: student-run and peer-reviewed research journal

WEBSITE: login to access news, investigations, opinion pieces, and more

WEBSITE: login to access journalism, commentary, criticism, essays, fiction, satire, cartoons, and poetry.

Articles from regional, national, and international newspapers

Articles on direct patient care, healthcare administration, and more

Information and opinions addressing hot issues

Create your free account for supports in building resumes, job hunting, and more

Test prep including practice tests, review help, and more

Articles on treatment techniques, experimental research, and more

Articles on popular culture analysis and more

Articles from popular and current magazines

Search multiple Gale databases at once (does not search everything)

WEBSITE: introduction to perspectives on controversial issues

Genealogical records and historical sources dating back to the 1700s

Articles on personality, the human mind, memory, and more

WEBSITE: biomedical and life sciences journal articles from the US National Institutes of Health

Articles on world religions, philosophies, and related fields

Collection of ebooks in Literature, History, Science, and Health.

Academic articles, videos, experiments, and more from Gale

Interactive 3D models in biology, chemistry, earth science, and more

Full-text articles in the applied and general sciences

Audiobooks, ebooks, and magazines - also available on the Sora app

Resources on topics such as diseases, alcohol, mental health, LGBTQ+ challenges, and more.

Full-text article archive from 1985-present

Language learning resource with 100+ languages

Academic articles, videos, primary documents, and more on topics in U.S. history

WEBSITE: access to US statistical abstracts dating back to the colonial period

WEBSITE: primary sources from the US National Archives

Articles on job searching, building a career, and more

WEBSITE: login to access breaking news and analysis from the US and around the world

Articles on war and its causes, current events, terrorism, and more

Dictionaries, atlases, encyclopedias, images, videos, current news, and more

Academic articles, videos, case studies, and more on topics in world history.

Archive of articles on the major global events since November 1940