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Help Videos

Short video on how to use the citation tool in Gale Resources.

Short video on how to highlight and take notes for Gale Resources.

This short video features strategies for narrowing wide research topics, and using advanced search features to pinpoint documents within your Gale In Context resources.

Short video on downloading results or using the Send to tool to add documents to Google Drive from Gale resources.

Remember saving database links requires more than copying the URL from the address bar! This is a short video on how to use the Get Link tool found in Gale resources to create persistent links back to documents, searches, and more.

Video tutorial on how to use Google Keep extension as a research tool!

Short video on how to search EBSCO databases. Pay particular attention at 1:20 on regarding "Search Options" as this is very important in getting results!

Short video guidance for using Points of View Reference Center.

Short video on using citation tool in EBSCO databases.

Fact-Checking tip = Don't just read down the page; read around the page!