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A New Pot of Gold

Looks at the effects of video-cassettes and cable television on Hollywood, and the idiosyncratic visions of newcomers like Spike Lee and Tim Burton.

A Study on Globalizing Cities

With rich empirical data and an in-depth analysis, this book explores a unique development model for China's globalizing cities by adopting a creative angle of observation and analytical methods.

Achieving Sustainability

Aimed at readers who are not experts in the field, the material is relevant to courses in natural sciences, social sciences, and the humanities. It presents and analyzes the underpinnings of the multi-disciplinary concept of sustainability.

Acronyms, Initialisms & Abbreviations Dictionary, ed. 51

Provides definitions of a wide variety of acronyms, initialisms, abbreviations and similar contractions, translating them into their full names or meanings. Terms from subject areas such as associations, education, the Internet, medicine and others are included.

Africa: An Encyclopedia for Students

A general resource for African research for students at the high-school level or higher. Consists of 450 alphabetically arranged entries covering countries, regions, geographic features, cultural groups, personalities, and general subjects such as body adornment and clothing, oral tradition, and writing systems. Includes timelines, definitions and quick-reference fact boxes.

African American Eras

Covers a different era of importance to African American culture and includes the events, lifestyles, social history, and key figures unique to that time; included are eyewitness accounts and primary documents.

African American Eras

Covers the time period of 1865 through 1965; topics include the arts, medicine and health, education, religion, government and politics, law, and trade related to the African American experience.

Alternative Energy, ed. 2

Introduces students to issues surrounding current energy sources and alternative energy options.

America in the World, 1776 to the Present

This set provides a transnational view of US history, focusing on the role of Americans and the US while analyzing how the world has influenced the US and Americans. It examines the impact of US policies on the world, as well as on the domestic agenda and discusses the increasingly important role of the US, from the early days of the republic to the present.

American Civil War Reference Library

American Civil War Reference Library offers comprehensive and wide ranging research options on this compelling era of American history. Material in each of the three titles has been reviewed by an independent advisory board for its curriculum relevance and its accessibility to students in grades 6-12.

American Creative Nonfiction

This book provides an overview of a genre of genres called “creative nonfiction,” but also takes a look at lyrical essays. This title begins by figuring out why readers of American literature in particular created “nonfiction” writing and also examines some lyric essayist work whose cannot be trusted as a meaningful form of “nonfiction.”

American Decades

Cross-disciplinary source for junior and high school students and teachers, public librarians and general researchers who need to document and analyze periods of contemporary American social history (1900-1999).

American Decades

Covers everything from monumental events and groundbreaking individuals to the fascinating details of Americans' daily lives. Supports historical research in disciplines from the arts and business to law, medicine, technology and social trends.

American Decades Primary Sources

Cross-disciplinary source spanning the 20th century. Each volume in the set includes full or excerpted primary sources representing the seminal issues, themes, movements and events from a decade. Includes oral histories, songs, speeches, advertisements, TV, play and movie scripts, letters, laws, legal decisions, newspaper articles, cartoons, recipes, and more.

American Decades Primary Sources, v. 11

This volume covers the first decade of the twenty-first century from monumental events and groundbreaking individuals to the details of Americans' daily lives. Topics include world events, the arts, business and the economy, education, fashion, government and politics, law and justice, lifestyles and social trends, media, medicine and health, religion, science and technology, and sports.

American Eras

Includes essays on events, publications, lifestyles and individuals important to particular eras in U.S. history.

American Eras: Primary Sources, v. 1

Includes essays on events, publications, lifestyles and individuals important to the era of industrial development in U.S. history.

American Eras: Primary Sources, v. 2

Includes essays on events, publications, lifestyles and individuals important to the Civil War and Reconstruction Era in U.S. history.

American Eras: Primary Sources, v. 3

Includes essays on events, publications, lifestyles and individuals important to the Westward Expansion Era in U.S. history.

American Eras: Primary Sources, v. 4

Includes essays on events, publications, lifestyles and individuals important to the Reform Era and eastern United States development in U.S. history.

American Eras: Primary Sources, v. 5

Includes primary sources documenting events, publications, lifestyles, and individuals important to the early Republic period in U.S. History.

American Eras: Primary Sources, v. 6

Includes essays on events, publications, lifestyles and individuals important to the Revolutionary Era in U.S. history.

American Eras: Primary Sources, v. 7

Includes essays on events, publications, lifestyles and individuals important to the American colonial era.

American Eras: Primary Sources, v. 8

Includes essays on events, publications, lifestyles and individuals important to the era of early American civilizations and exploration before 1600.

American Governance

Provides answers on all questions related to the variety of ways by which the American people govern themselves – from their constitutions and governments to the political norms and ideals that guide their actions as citizens and leaders; to local communities, civic associations, and political associations people form for collective deliberation and action; and to the relationships they form with their elected representatives.

American History Through Literature 1820-1870

Designed for the general reader, this set presents literature not as a simple inventory of authors or titles but rather as a historical and cultural field viewed from a wide array of contemporary perspectives. The set, which is "new historicist" in its approach to literary criticism, endorses the notion that not only does history affect literature, but literature itself informs history.

American History Through Literature 1870-1920

Designed for the general reader, this set presents literature not as a simple inventory of authors or titles but rather as a historical and cultural field viewed from a wide array of contemporary perspectives. The set, which is "new historicist" in its approach to literary criticism, endorses the notion that not only does history affect literature, but literature itself informs history.

American Home Front in World War II

Examines the effect of World War II on people living in America. The Almanac discusses major events on the home front, including the changing role of women, Civil Defense and the draft. Biographies highlights 26 key figures, such as John L. Lewis, J. Robert Oppenheimer and others. Primary Sources includes primary material from a variety of sources, including speeches, documents and other material.

American Law Yearbook

An annual supplement to the Gale Encyclopedia of American Law that updates and expands the content with new topics, updates, biographies of prominent figures and government appointees, and other features. Each year's edition contains the full U.S. Supreme Court docket in addition to the non-Supreme Court cases. Includes a glossary of legal terms.

American Men & Women of Science, ed. 34

Profiles living persons in the physical and biological fields, as well as public health scientists, engineers, mathematicians, statisticians, and computer scientists.

American Revolution Reference Library

This 4-vol. set supplies the in-depth information about the American Revolution that students and researchers need for class assignments and reports.

American Social Reform Movements Reference Library

This four-volume set chronicles and illustrates movements from the American Revolution to the present day. Intended to help students successfully complete research and projects.

American Women Writers: A Critical Reference Guide from Colonial Times to the Present, ed. 2

Provides coverage on the best-known American women writers spanning from colonial days to the present, including biography, criticism, and bibliography for each; also includes lesser-known writers whose work is found in journals, letters, stories, and even hymns. Entries feature an assessment of the writer's works; basic biography and complete bibliography, as well as comprehensive data on writers' names, including pseudonyms, aliases, parents' names and husbands' names, etc.

Americans at War

Covers major American conflicts from the Colonial Wars through the War on Terrorism in the context of cultural and social events and conditions on the home front. Illustrated articles cover both biographies and topics such as civil liberties, media, politics, popular culture, religion, memory and national identity, civic celebrations, monumental art, literature, the roles of women and minorities, veterans, science and technology, humor, and music. General audiences.

An Evening's Entertainment

Chronicles how theatrical feature films dominated newly developed movie palaces, how expressive film faces became household names, and how Hollywood became the center of film as a major growth industry.

Ancient Civilizations Reference Library

The ancient civilizations of Iraq, Egypt, India, China, Central America and other regions are the focus of this remarkable contribution to student reference.

Ancient Europe, 8000 B.C. to A.D. 1000

Examines the diverse peoples of early European civilization through a series of 212 essays, presented in chronological order. Coverage includes prehistoric origins through the early Middle Ages (8000 B.C. to A.D. 1000). Includes maps, photos, and chronologies. For the general reader.

Ancient Greece and Rome

Covers an extensive array of topics on ancient Greece and Rome including daily life, art and architecture, philosophy, science, religion, statesmen, military leaders, emperors, and more.

Animal Sciences

Provides a wide range of scientific, historical and cultural information about the animal world. Covers careers in the animal sciences in addition to biological concepts, the history of zoology, biographies of scientists, and ethical issues such as the practice of animal experimentation. Includes illustrations, sidebars, charts, a glossary, bibliographies, filmographies and the addresses of institutions devoted to the protection and study of wild and domesticated animals.

Arts and Humanities Through the Eras

Profiling milestones and movements in the arts, literature, music and religion from a specific period, each volume in this set helps students and researchers understand the various disciplines of the humanities in relation to each other, as well as to history and culture. An overview of the period and a chronology of major world events begin each volume.

Asthma Sourcebook, ed. 4

Provides basic consumer information about the different types of asthma and how they are diagnosed and treated.

Authors and Artists for Young Adults, v. 55

Covers the writers, artists, film directors, graphic novelists, and other creative personalities that most interest young adults. Entries include personal behind-the-scenes information, portraits, movie stills, bibliographies, and more. International in scope.

Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorders Sourcebook, ed. 3

Provides updated information about the specific types of autism spectrum disorders. It explains symptoms, assessment, and diagnosis of ASD and describes the importance of early interventions.

Baker's Biographical Dictionary of Musicians

Covers all musical genres, with new entries written by a distinguished group of area specialists as well as the original articles by Nicolas Slonimsky. This work continues the tradition of offering the most comprehensive and authoritative information on musicians, along with interesting and insightful evaluations of their contributions to the musical world.

Baker's Biographical Dictionary of Popular Musicians Since 1990

An A-Z biographical reference that focuses on individual artists and groups in all popular styles active from 1990 to the present, including those in rock, rhythm and blues, rap, country, electronica, jazz, vocal and classical. Features include select discographies, bibliographies, a glossary of musical terms, and other information. Also features appendix essays on various topics including the music industry, rap, and grunge.

Beacham's Guide to the Endangered Species of North America

This guide presents extensive data on the habitats and ecosystems of more than 1,200 species identified as endangered or threatened by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife service. Entries include introductory information with an image of the species; a summary section detailing information on each species; a concluding summary of recovery efforts; and a bibliography of contacts for further information.

Best of the Web: Geography

An evaluative guide to a large number of geographical sources on the web, including geographical sites around the world. Only sites that are considered to be informative, reliable and stable have been included. The information given for each site includes: title, URL, owner/maintainer, server location, and a full description. Useful for libraries and general audiences.

Big Data Analyst

This book introduces readers to a career as a Big Data Analyst. It explores what the job entails, educational requirements, salary ranges, required skills, employment as prospects.

Big Data and Privacy Rights

This book examines how companies, governments, and individuals collect and use massive amounts of personal information, highlighting the privacy concerns that result when these activities are done without public knowledge.

Bioethics, ed. 4

Offers hundreds of revisions or addenda to entries from previous editions as well as new or revised entries on topics such as key cases in bioethics, the human biome, genetically modified foods, emergency preparedness and response, social justice, sustainability, chemical warfare and torture, among many others. Revised articles explain the events as well as legislation changes of the past decade. Previous editions published as the Encyclopedia of Bioethics.

Biographical Encyclopedia of the Modern Middle East and North Africa

Illuminates the lives of the most influential and controversial figures in the Middle East and North Africa who came to prominence during the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Includes profiles of contemporary leaders who belong to various political, ethnic, and religious groups, as well as notable individuals associated with business, law, science, social issues, sports, entertainment, literature, and the fine and performing arts.

Biology, ed. 2

Explains biological concepts and explores related fields as well as the history of biological science. Discusses critical issues such as embryogenesis and commercial applications of research in biology and addresses ethical issues. Provides information on careers in biology. Contains sidebars, bibliographies, timelines, charts, a glossary, and individual and cumulative indexes.


Examines biotechnology and related subjects in the context of science, government, politics, culture and society, and the environment. It also covers historical, political and ethical debates and issues.

Biotechnology: Changing Life Through Science

Covers biotechnological applications ranging across medicine, agriculture, and industry. Devoted to helping younger students and general readers understand the fast-developing science and issues related to: advances in biotechnology, the science of molecular biology and genetics.

Black Literature Criticism, ed. 2

Focuses on writers and works published since 1950. The majority of the authors surveyed are African American, but representative African and Caribbean authors are also included.

Blood and Circulatory Disorders Sourcebook, ed. 4

Offers facts about blood function and composition, the maintenance of a healthy circulatory system, and the types of concerns that arise when processes go wrong.

Body Systems

Covers the 14 systems of the human body and their role and functions both from an individual organ perspective and each system as a whole, as well as what occurs when systems are not functioning properly due to injury, disease, or other causes. Entries cover the development of each body system from birth to full adult growth, as well as adjustments by the body during the senior years.

Boom and Bust

Covers the period of 1939-1949, when the film industry came to grips with the development of the documentary, a shift to independent production, renewed government antitrust activity, and the emergence of television as a competitor.

Bowling, Beatniks, and Bell-Bottoms, ed. 2

Covers the popular culture of the 20th Century and first decade of the 21st Century. Provides a cross-disciplinary source for junior and high school students and teachers, public librarians and general researchers who need a single, consistent reference to explore and analyze the social trends, events, and people that have impacted contemporary history.

Britannica Encyclopedia of World Religions

Covers religions of the world and the concepts, movements, people, and events that have shaped them. Includes entries on religious movements and concepts, historical and legendary figures, divinities, religious sites and ceremonies, images that show sacred places, vestments, rituals, objects, and texts.

Buddhism in China, v. 1

Describes the Buddhism of China.

Building Blocks of Matter: A Supplement to the Macmillan Encyclopedia of Physics

This supplement to the Macmillan Encyclopedia of Physics presents the most recent data on particle physics. Reviews all observed and theoretical particles known to date, retracing the history of each particle's discovery and function. Covers current research; practical applications both hypothetical and actual; and provides biographical entries on scientists who made significant contributions. Case studies and experiments round out the broad range of topics covered.

Building Influence for the School Librarian, ed. 2

A handbook designed to promote library awareness.

Building School-Community Partnerships

This book emphasizes the importance of community involvement for effective school functioning, student support and well-being, and community health and development.

Business Leader Profiles for Students

Profiles of significant contributors to business and industry, past and present, written especially for high school students.

Business Plans Handbook, v. 5

Actual business plans compiled by, and aimed at, entrepreneurs seeking funding for small businesses. Presents sample plans taken from businesses in the manufacturing, retail and service industries which serve as examples of how to approach, structure and compose business plans.

CDs, Super Glue, and Salsa

Provides descriptions of household and high-interest products, step-by-step descriptions of manufacturing processes, and sidebars with additional information. Covers for each entry: why there was a need, who invented it, how it is made, what it is made of, and how it works. Includes photographs, illustrations and line drawings, and a glossary of definitions.

CQ Press Guide to Urban Politics and Policy in the United States

This reference guide to urban politics and policy will help students understand how American cities have developed over time, how the various city governance structures allocate power across city officials and agencies, how civic and social forces interact with the organs of city government and organize to win control over these organs and/or their policy outputs, and what patterns of public goods and services cities produce for their residents.

Canadian Parliamentary Guide, ed. 2005

An annual guide that provides the following information in English and French: biographical sketches of current parliamentarians, including the Privy Council, Senate and House of Commons; results of all federal general and by-elections since 1867; current and historical data and statistics on provincial and territorial governments, listings for provincial and territorial legislative assemblies, general by-election results; and other information.

Career Information Center, ed. 10

Provides the most current information available on careers in the United States and Canada to people of all ages and all stages of career development. Each volume covers a career cluster and its common career pathways. Job profiles cover the following: job facts, nature of work, work environment, education, licenses, certification, and training, job outlook, similar occupations, and sources of additional information such as books, audio/visual materials, and organizations.

Careers If You Like Animals

This book explores careers for people who are compassionate, caring, and like to work with animals. It covers such careers as animal control officer, animal cruelty investigator, dog handler, park naturalist, pet sitter, zoologist, reptile farmer or rescue sanctuary manager.

CaseBase: Case Studies in Global Business, v. 1

Covers business case studies focused on issues in emerging markets and emerging industries across the globe.

Checks and Balances: The Three Branches of the American Government

Presents easy to understand information about the inner workings of the federal government. Includes historical overviews and examinations of the day-to-day operations of each branch, as well as Constitutional duties and obligations of each branch, specifics related to eligibility, elections and appointments of key positions, changes since 1776, the future of each branch, and other topics. For student and general audiences.

Chemical Compounds

Offers information on the ways in which different chemical elements combine to form commonly-used chemical compounds, such as water, ammonia, and aspirin. Defines what a chemical compound actually is and the difference between organic and inorganic compounds, as well as providing definitions of acids, bases, salts, oxides, and coordination compounds. Features a general historical overview of major discoveries and the notable scientists who made them.

Chemical Elements, ed. 2

Provides in-depth information on 112 known chemical elements, plus coverage of recently discovered elements 113 through 116 and 118.


Provides a broad approach to chemistry, its laws, processes, applications and subdisciplines, and its many branches, including inorganic, industrial, atmospheric and computational chemistry as well as biotechnology, including biographies of scientists past and present. Reviews the history of the field up to modern research and practical applications, and topical essays examine the role chemistry plays in various aspects of everyday life. For academic readers.

Child Development

Covers human development from conception through adolescence, summarizing the latest research on physical, cognitive, social and emotional development and behavior, including areas of law, medicine, psychiatry, and demography among others.

Children's Literature Review, v. 93

Presents full-text literary criticism on writers and illustrators for children and young adults. Critical essays are selected from leading sources, including published journals, magazines, books, monographs, reviews, and scholarly papers.

Cities of the United States, ed. 8

Provides information on America's top cities--those fastest-growing, as well as those with a particular historical, political, industrial, and/or commercial significance. City-specific profiles organize pertinent facts, data, and figures related to demographic, economic, cultural, geographic, social, and recreational conditions.

Cities of the World, ed. 6

A compilation of current information on cultural, geographic, and political conditions in 193 countries and their cities covering six continents, based on the Department of State's Post Reports. Maps and photos of many cities included.

Climate Change

Offers coverage of the history, politics, and ethical debates related to climate change, including the impact of climate change on daily life, trade and commerce, travel, and the future of both industrialized and impoverished nations. Provides insights on leading social issues and spurs critical thinking about the impact of environmental issues on daily life and globalization.

Cold War Reference Library

Covers the Cold War period between the Western powers and the Communist bloc from the end of World War II through 1989. Includes discussion of the historic causes of the tension and information on the lives and actions of major figures, such as Harry Truman, Winston Churchill, and Joseph Stalin.

Colonial America Reference Library

The Colonial America Reference Library provides students with the comprehensive information on the Colonial American period they need to write reports and class assignments including biographical profiles and primary source documents.

Company Profiles for Students

Covers more than 400 prominent companies most studied by students. Entries follow a standard set of rubrics to facilitate comparison between companies. Also included are company logos, illustrations and ticker symbols, current market share, new products, and where to write for an annual report.

Complete Dictionary of Scientific Biography

Provides information on the history of science through articles on the professional lives of scientists. All periods of science from classical antiquity to modern times are represented.

Computer Sciences, ed. 2

Reviews the history of computer science, discusses concepts, and profiles contributors in the field. Also explores the impact of computers on society, with examples in literature and film to illustrate and support trends. Includes illustrations, sidebars, bibliographies, filmographies, timelines, charts, and a glossary. For general audiences.

Concise Major 21st Century Writers

A comprehensive, five-volume set, Concise Major 21st-Century Writers profiles today’s most outstanding and widely known writers. Clearly written in an easy-to-use format, it collects detailed biographical and bibliographical information on approximately 700 authors who are most often studied in college and high school.

Constitutional Amendments, ed. 2

Provides the history and social context of the amendment process, covering each of the 27 amendments. Significant issues, events, figures, movements and judicial/legislative actions in the history of each amendment are also covered chronologically.

Constitutions of the World from the Late 18th Century to the Middle of the 19th Century--Europe, v. 1

Constitutional texts of the United Kingdom, a country which even to this day does not have a written constitution, are published in the first volume of this set dealing with Europe.

Consumer Health Care

This text focuses on the U.S. healthcare system and the individual’s experience with it. Entries cover topics related to the current state of health insurance, the various kinds (including government programs like Medicare and Medicaid) and methods of its delivery, as well as the history of insurance and the evolution of our current for-profit system. Healthcare legislation and reform is also discussed.

Contagious Diseases Sourcebook, ed. 3

Provides updated information about microbes that are spread from person to person and the diseases they cause, including influenza, lice infestation, pneumonias, staphylococcal and streptococcal infections, tuberculosis, and others.

Contemporary American Religion

Explores contemporary American religion in all its diversity. In addition to profiling religious groups, from the modern forms of Catholicism and Judaism to cults such as Heaven's Gate and the Branch Davidians, the set includes articles on cultural, social, and legal issues, as well as holidays and celebrations, the arts, and other topics. 2 volumes. For general and academic audiences.

Contemporary Authors, New Revision Series, v. 114

A biographical and bibliographical guide to current writers in all fields including poetry, fiction and nonfiction, journalism, drama, television and movies. Includes the most recent data on the world's most-popular authors. Profile sketches are entirely revised and completely replace the original Contemporary Authors entries. Each volume contains approximately 250 writers.

Contemporary Authors, v. 206

Provides biographical details on thousands of modern novelists, poets, playwrights, nonfiction writers, journalists and scriptwriters. Includes current writers as well as the most-studied literary figures of the early 20th century and authors from around the world. Information is provided by the authors themselves or drawn from published interviews, feature stories, book reviews and other materials provided by the authors/publishers.

Contemporary Black Biography, v. 127

Provides biographical profiles of the important and influential persons of African American and/or black heritage. Covers persons of various nationalities in a wide variety of fields, including architecture, art, business, dance, education, fashion, film, industry, journalism, law, literature, medicine, music, politics and government, publishing, religion, science and technology, social issues, sports, television, theater, and others.

Contemporary Fashion, ed. 2

Provides biographical and critical coverage of primarily U.S. designers, milliners, footwear designers, fashion companies and textile houses. Entries include a biographical summary; primary and secondary bibliography that includes articles and exhibition catalogs; and a signed, critical essay written by an expert in the field as well as photographs.

Contemporary Hispanic Biography, v. 1

Provides informative biographical profiles of the important and influential persons of Latino heritage who form the international Hispanic community. Covers persons of various nationalities in a wide variety of fields, including art, music and literature to science, politics and business.

Contemporary Musicians, v. 45

Provides biographical information on important figures in today's musical arena, covering artists working in all genres of modern music, including rock, jazz, pop, rap, rhythm and blues, folk, New Age, country, gospel and reggae.

Contemporary Novelists, ed. 7

Concise discussions of the lives and principal works of contemporary novelists, written by subject experts.

Contemporary Poets, ed. 7

Concise discussions of the lives and principal works of poets from around the world, written by subject experts.

Contemporary Theatre, Film and Television, v. 53

Biographical and career information on people currently working in the entertainment industry. For general and trade audiences.

Content Ownership and Copyright

This book examines the role copyrights play in the areas of public domain, intellectual property, schools, and the digital realm.

Corporate Disasters

Profiles the biggest corporate mistakes or misdeeds throughout history, covering the people, the times, the decisions made.

Countries and Their Cultures

Presents the cultural similarities within a country that set it apart from others by examining over 200 countries to document the myriad ways in which culture defines and separates the nations of the world as much as geographical borders do. Surveys each country's shared values, behaviors and cultural variations from foods and rituals to pastimes and arts, using a standard entry format for easy comparison. Provides illustrations, photographs and maps. 4 volumes.

Countries of the World and Their Leaders Yearbook

Covering nearly 200 countries, this yearbook is filled with background notes reports from the U.S. Department of State. Entries typically cover geography, history, government and political conditions, economy, and state of relations with the United States.

Crime and Punishment in America Reference Library

Covering the evolution of the American criminal justice system throughout history, Crime and Punishment in America Reference Library explores everything from juvenile justice to organized crime.

Crime and Punishment: Essential Primary Sources

A focus on leading social issues of the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries. Each title contains approximately 175 full or excerpted documents---speeches, legislation, magazine and newspaper articles, essays, memoirs, letters, interviews, novels, songs, and works of art---as well as overview information that places each document in context.


Presents the major forces that have shaped the country both historically and culturally, offering a close look at themes emblematic to the nation's history. Features articles on works of art and nonfiction, political documents, speeches, testimonies, flashpoint events and places of cultural significance.


Presenta las principales fuerzas que han dado forma al país tanto histórica como culturalmente, ofreciendo un vistazo de cerca a los temas emblemáticos de la historia del país. Contiene artículos sobre obras de arte y no ficción, documentos políticos, discursos, testimonios, eventos punto de inflamación y lugares de importancia cultural.

Data Mining, ed. 4

This book offers a thorough grounding in machine learning concepts, along with practical advice on applying these tools and techniques in real-world data mining situations.

Development of the Industrial U.S. Reference Library

In the second half of the 19th century, America transformed itself into an industrial power, ready to assume a dominant position on the world scene in the 20th century. The development of industrialization and the consumer society brought about opportunities for many Americans as part of an ever-growing middle class, but also resulted in environmental and social degradation that we continue to deal with at the present time.

Dictionary of American History, ed. 3

The first comprehensive revision of this classic reference source, originally published in 1940, features updated and revised entries from previous editions, as well as more than 800 new entries covering recent events and topics not covered previously. This authoritative work serves students, scholars, and general readers interested in a wide range of topics in American history, from the well studied and familiar to the obscure.

Dictionary of Women Worldwide: 25,000 Women Through the Ages

This dictionary contains more than 20,000 brief biographical entries on women, including thousands of entries on non-U.S. figures.

Dictionary of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Covers the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict from the birth of Zionism at the end of the 19th century. Covers five Arab-Israeli wars, and provides biographies of political personnel in Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, and the occupied territories. The Dictionary provides clear definitions and comprehensive explanations of the history, geography, religion, and demographics of the area. 2 volumes.

Directory of Microbicides for the Protection of Materials: A Handbook, ed. 2

A comprehensive discussion of the most common microbicides (approx. 300) used for the protection of materials and processes against biodeterioration.

Disaster Recovery for Archives, Libraries and Records Management Systems in Australia and New Zealand

This book discusses the history of disaster recovery affecting libraries and archives, and identifies more than 60 such disasters that have occurred in Australia and New Zealand. The book aims to alert the reader that disasters may happen in even the best run institution, to identify what is involved in developing a disaster recovery plan, to assist in the development of such a plan, and to discuss ways in which staff may be trained in the procedures and skills involved.

Discoveries in Modern Science

This set cover more than 300 of the most important scientific discoveries as defined by a Board of scientists and historians. It aims to present an in-depth treatment of "curiosity-led science," as well as directed research that led to important inventions and technologies. It will spark curiosity and engagement among readers, ranging from advanced high school students, to those in college and universities, as well as educated readers.

Donald Trump

This title covers the 45th US President, Donald Trump from birth, to his personal and professional achievements, and how he made it all the way to the Oval Office.

Drama for Students, v. 17

Provides critical overviews of the most-studied plays of all time periods, nations, and cultures. Includes discussions of themes, characters, critical reception, dramatic devices and traditions as well as cultural and historical context.


This book deals with drawings' aesthetic characteristics, mediums of expression, subject matter, and some leading artists and their works.

Drugs and Controlled Substances: Information for Students

This single-volume resource provides detailed information on the physiological and psychological effects of addictive drugs and substances, from illegal drugs to commonly abused classes of prescription and over-the-counter drugs. Arranged alphabetically by drug name, each entry follows a standard format, allowing researchers to easily find the information they need and also to facilitate comparison between drugs.

Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco: Learning about Addictive Behavior

This 3-volume set is written for readers at grade 7 and higher and covers addictions, causes, and treatments of particular importance to adolescents. Articles on the nature of addiction and its roots include advertising, genetics, families, and personal problems.

Early Civilizations in the Americas Reference Library

This reference library provides a comprehensive overview of the history of the regions of the American continents in which two of the world's first civilizations developed: Mesoamerica (the name for the lands in which ancient civilizations arose in Central America and Mexico) and the Andes Mountains region of South America (in present-day Peru and parts of Bolivia, northern Argentina, and Ecuador).


This curriculum-based book teaches young readers about Earth as one of the eight planets in our solar system in astronomical terms, providing the fundamental information any student needs to begin their studies in astronomy, such as how Earth spins and revolves around the Sun, why its uniquely suitable for life, its physical features, atmosphere, biosphere, moon, its past, future, and more.

Elizabethan World Reference Library

Provides background and information on the culture and history of the Elizabethan period, biographies of significant men and women of the time, and primary sources that represent some of the most significant and studied documents of the era.


This book guides the reader in gaining job skills, seeking work, interviewing, negotiating salaries and benefits, and thriving in the workplace. It also offers information that applies to all job seekers, as well as guidance for first-time job applicants and workers returning to the workforce after an absence.

Encyclopaedia Judaica, ed. 2

Provides an exhaustive and organized overview of Jewish life and knowledge from the Second Temple period to the contemporary State of Israel, from Rabbinic to modern Yiddish literature, from Kabbalah to "Americana" and from Zionism to the contribution of Jews to world cultures, Encyclopaedia Judaica, 2nd edition is important to scholars, general readers and students.

Encyclopedia of African-American Culture and History, ed. 2

A five-volume set and supplement covering all aspects of the African-American experience from 1619 to the present day. Using biographies, historical essays, and thematic pieces, many written by foremost scholars, it addresses a wide array of subjects in over 2,300 articles to define in one source the cultural roots, participation in American life, and current condition of the African-American community.

Encyclopedia of Aging

Encompasses all aspects of aging, covering a variety of disciplines including biology, medicine, economics, law psychology, sociology and history, and also explores related issues such as religion, spirituality, and ethics. Also provides a topical outline, primary source documents, addresses, and Web sites. 4 volumes.

Encyclopedia of American Foreign Policy, ed. 2

Essays by subject experts treat concepts and doctrines, policymaking, commerce and science, human rights and arms control, with specific articles on topics ranging from anti-imperialism to environmental diplomacy, from refugee policies to terrorism and countermeasures. Also includes a chronology.

Encyclopedia of American Industries, ed. 6

A three-volume business reference that provides detailed, comprehensive information on a wide range of industries in every realm of American business. The work consists of more than 1,000 detailed profiles of the manufacturing and service industries.

Encyclopedia of Aquaculture

A comprehensive, one-stop reference to the science, technology, and economics of aquaculture. Technological advances, coupled with the mounting pressures of global food production, have dramatically changed aquaculture in recent decades.

Encyclopedia of Buddhism

This encyclopedia describes the Buddhist world view, basic teachings and practices of Buddhism, as well as its different schools and sects. In addition to containing entries on Buddhist scriptures, art, architecture, divinities, monastic orders, festivals, rites and ceremonies, this 2-vol. set explores the history of Buddhism, the different forms it has taken in different parts of the world, and how Buddhism has blended with other religions.

Encyclopedia of Business and Finance, ed. 3

Designed for the nonspecialist, the Encyclopedia of Business and Finance is a 2-vol. complete reference covering five general areas: finance and banking; accounting; marketing; management; and information systems. Drawing on practical professional expertise as well as that of noted scholars, the contributors include executives, government administrators and scholars from leading business programs from around the United States.

Encyclopedia of Children and Childhood: In History and Society

This 3-vol. set presents the social and cultural history of childhood from antiquity to the present. Children and Childhood examines this history through articles on education, parenting, child labor, economics, images of childhood, children's literature, play, toys and games, health, physiology, law, the criminal justice system and social welfare.

Encyclopedia of Clothing and Fashion

A survey of clothing, costume and fashion. Coverage includes the origins of clothing and body adornment, the development of fabrics and technologies, and the social meanings of dress, as well as representative costumes from a wide range of historical eras. For students and researchers at the high-school level or higher.

Encyclopedia of Communication and Information

Provides a comprehensive overview of universal modes of communication, the media used to communicate, theories of communication and their implications, careers in communications and information, and biographies of notable figures in the field. Organized for the general reader and designed to complement social studies, communications, and information systems curricula.

Encyclopedia of Crime and Justice, ed. 2

An interdisciplinary source that addresses not only law but also sociology, psychology, history and economics. Entries vary widely from abortion to rape and from family violence to wiretapping, offering a mirror of issues dominating today's headlines. This edition is a complete update and revision of the previous edition that includes new essays on topics such as stalking, hate crimes, and HIV.

Encyclopedia of Drugs, Alcohol & Addictive Behavior, ed. 3

Explores the social, medical, legal and political issues related to drugs and alcohol and associated behaviors. Includes emerging topics and developments in the many fields of addiction studies.

Encyclopedia of Education, ed. 2

Offers a complete view of the institutions, people, processes, roles, and philosophies in educational practice in the United States and throughout the world. Features biographies of influential educators; profiles of historic colleges and universities and of organizations active in the field; and an appendix of full text source documents, including education related legislation, international treaties, and testing methods. 8 volumes.

Encyclopedia of Emerging Industries, ed. 7

Provides information about the inception, emergence and current status of new and established industries and business segments that are pioneering new technologies, introducing break-through marketing strategies or implementing innovative means of serving new markets. Consists of detailed profiles newer industries, such as biometrics, risk management services, satellites, specialty tourism, and others.

Encyclopedia of Emerging Markets

This business encyclopedia provides custom-written articles offering rare insight into nations with social or business activity in the process of rapid growth and industrialization, as well as highlighting key emerging industries within those economies.

Encyclopedia of Environmental Ethics and Philosophy

Examines the philosophical and ethical issues underlying contemporary and historical environmental issues, policies, and debates. Covers concepts, institutions, topics, events and people, including global warming, animal rights, environmental movements, alternative energy, green chemistry, industrial ecology, and eco-sabotage.

Encyclopedia of Espionage, Intelligence and Security

Comprehensive guide to the history, uses, related scientific principles, and technology of espionage and intelligence, written by experts in the field. Topics range from the historical use of espionage to the emerging use of technology in modern espionage and counterintelligence.

Encyclopedia of European Social History

This six-volume reference includes more than 230 articles, ranging from 5,000 to 10,000 words, on everything from serfdom and the economy, to witchcraft and public health.

Encyclopedia of Food and Culture

A three-volume survey of food and its place in human culture and society, presented through 600 alphabetically sorted entries. Features multidisciplinary coverage of such topics as comfort food, ethnicity and food, medieval banquets, and nutrient composition, among many others. Includes photographs, illustrations, sidebars, recipes, menus, and timelines. For students and general readers.

Encyclopedia of Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity

This encyclopedia spans the globe to explain the issues behind crimes against humanity and human rights issues as they relate to individual countries and the world at large. It traces the history of events that qualify as genocide and crimes against humanity, profiles perpetrators and heroes, and explains international laws and law proceedings aimed at ending genocide and crimes against humanity.

Encyclopedia of Global Brands, ed. 2

Contains 270 entries, written in case-study style, that highlight interesting details including how a product originated and was first marketed, how it developed commercially and how it fares today compared with its competitors and its own past history. Included are anecdotes pertaining to the famous, or infamous, marketing strategies and advertising campaigns that managed to capture the sometimes jaded viewers' attention.

Encyclopedia of Global Industries, ed. 6

Chronicles the history, development and current status of the world's most lucrative and high profile industries. Each entry covers size and economic/social impact of the industry; its organization and structure; its history and development; major countries and companies involved (including rankings); size and nature of the work force; and research.

Encyclopedia of India

A four-volume survey of the history, cultures, geography and religions of India from ancient times to the present day. Includes more than 600 entries, arranged alphabetically. For students and general readers.

Encyclopedia of Irish History and Culture

Spans Irish history from prehistoric times to the present, treating both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland in detail. Entries represent an inclusive, cross-disciplinary approach, written by specialists and covering history, archaeology, anthropology, geography, politics, economics, the Irish and English languages and literatures, the visual arts, and other fields.

Encyclopedia of Islam and the Muslim World, ed. 2

This reference work includes articles on the history, religion, cultural practices, and political economies of Muslims from the seventh-century in West Asia to today’s Muslim societies throughout the continents of Asia, Africa, the Subcontinent, Europe, and the Americas.

Encyclopedia of Latin American History and Culture, ed. 2

Provides a comprehensive, multidisciplinary view of Latin American history and culture from prehistoric times to the present. Covers cultural issues and includes numerous biographical profiles of important figures in politics, letters and the arts.

Encyclopedia of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered History in America

A three-volume survey of more than 400 years of lesbian and gay history and culture in the United States, presented through over 500 alphabetically arranged entries. Coverage includes people, public policy, economics, social issues, identities, and culture, among many others. For students, researchers, and general readers.

Encyclopedia of Major Marketing Campaigns, v. 2

An annual publication that profiles important marketing campaigns of the 20th century.

Encyclopedia of Major Marketing Strategies, v. 3

A continuation of Encyclopedia of Major Marketing Campaigns (1999 and 2007), this new volume expands its international coverage through its 100 essays covering some of the top global and emerging brands that appeared from 2010 to 2013. Essays are aligned to the strategic marketing framework, ensuring that the marketing strategies covered can easily be utilized in an academic environment as case studies, or illustrative examples often described as “war stories” by professors.

Encyclopedia of Management, ed. 7

Covers numerous topics in management theories and applications, such as aggregate planning, benchmarking, logistics, diversification strategy, non-traditional work arrangements, performance measurement, productivity measures, supply chain management, and much more.

Encyclopedia of Modern Asia

A six-volume survey of modern Asia, defined as extending from Japan in the east to Turkey in the west, and from Kazakhstan in the north to Indonesia in the south. Presents entries covering such subjects as countries, cities, regions, natural features, religions, social issues, languages, people, events, customs, politics, and economics.

Encyclopedia of Modern China

Provides critical information on the most populous country and most dynamic trade market in the world: the people, politics, economics, religion, philosophy, traditions, art, and literature of this ancient and enduring civilization are explored from the beginning of the nineteenth century to the present day.

Encyclopedia of Modern Greek Literature

Includes entries on important authors, texts, genres, themes, and topics in Greek literature from the Byzantine period to the present. Provides basic information on the history and development of modern Greek literature and language.

Encyclopedia of Occultism and Parapsychology, ed. 5

Entries examine topical essays, recent phenomena, concepts, cults, prominent individuals and personalities, organizations and publications, as well as providing entries tracing the development of occultism and parapsychology in particular countries. In certain controversial areas, the case both for and against has been indicated, with sources noted for further study.

Encyclopedia of Philosophy, ed. 2

English-language reference source for philosophy," has been the cornerstone of the philosophy reference shelf. Lauded for its clear and accessible presentation of wide-ranging philosophical subjects, the Encyclopedia has earned its place as a first-stop resource for general readers, students and educators.

Encyclopedia of Population

Provides coverage of demographic topics both in the core field and in neighboring disciplines. Encompasses the large-scale changes in emphasis and research directions in population studies during the last 20 years. Topics covered include: rapid demographic expansion in poor countries, low fertility rates, immigration, problems of old-age support, the environmental impact of dense population; the press for expanded reproductive rights; and many other issues.

Encyclopedia of Products & Industries - Manufacturing

Provides information on products and the relationships between products and their industries. Explores various aspects of a product, the manufacturers, suppliers, immediate and adjacent industries and markets. Emphasizes manufacturers of numerous durable goods such as tires, automobiles, appliances, business equipment, home furnishing and sporting goods.

Encyclopedia of Public Health

Aimed at the nonspecialist reader interested in health and medicinal issues, the Encyclopedia examines a broad range of topics such as environmental health, drug abuse, epidemiology, nutrition, demographics and diseases. Includes overviews, definitions and biographical entries. appropriate for upper class high school and university students, professionals and the general public. 4 volumes.

Encyclopedia of Race and Racism, ed. 2

Examines the anthropological, sociological, historical, economic, and scientific theories of race and racism in the modem era. Delves into the historic origins of ideas of race and racism and explores their social and scientific consequences. Includes biographies of significant theorists, as well as political and social leaders and notorious racists.

Encyclopedia of Recreation and Leisure in America

A two-volume survey of the pursuit of leisure in the United States, from Colonial to modern times, presented through 271 alphabetically arranged entries. Coverage includes specific types of recreational activities as well as important themes in the history of leisure. For students, researchers, and general readers.

Encyclopedia of Religion, ed. 2

The second edition of a resource that is considered a standard reference in the field. Presents a cross-cultural approach that emphasizes religion's role within everyday life and as a unique experience from culture to culture. The original 2,750 entries have been retained, many heavily updated, and approximately 600 entirely new articles have been added by an international team of scholars and contributors.

Encyclopedia of Russian History

Provides a comprehensive discussion of Russia's people, politics, economics, religion, and social systems; and is designed to complement the study of comparative politics, world history, geography, literature, arts and culture and world cultures. Entries span the period from the earliest beginnings of the Russian nation to the rise and fall of the Soviet Union.

Encyclopedia of School Psychology

Comprehensive guide to the field of school psychology featuring the latest research on school learning, motivation, and educational assessment. Entries on psychology, education and counseling, child development, and special education address student success, behavior disorders, intelligence testing, learning disabilities, strategies to improve academic skills, and more.

Encyclopedia of Science and Religion

A multidisciplinary approach that addresses all aspects of the dialogue between the sciences and the world's religions, reaching into the humanities as well as into the physical sciences and technology. Examines controversial issues such as human cloning and stem cell research long with more traditional questions such as the origins of life, the nature of sin, and the philosophy of science and religion. 4 volumes.

Encyclopedia of Sex and Gender

Addresses issues of sex and gender at the personal and the social level; examines issues of identity, status, class, ethnicity, race, and nation; of sexuality and the body; of social institutions and the structures of representation. Topics include changing conceptions of "the feminine," the family and masculinity, religion, morality, cultural images, medical practice, public health, economy and society and many more.

Encyclopedia of Small Business, ed. 5

Provides entrepreneurs with how-to information that they can apply to their own business. Features revised and expanded coverage to reflect the most current small business topics.

Encyclopedia of Social Theory

Reference source for anyone interested in the roots of contemporary social theory. The encyclopedia examines the global landscape of all the key theories and the theorists behind them, presenting them in the context needed to understand their strengths and weaknesses.

Encyclopedia of Sociology, ed. 2

This classic reference has been updated to reflect many changes in society and in the field of sociology in recent years. Articles covering core issues such as race, poverty, violence, economics, pregnancy and abortion have been updated and expanded, and completely new articles have been written on topics such as the Internet, privacy and epidemiology.

Encyclopedia of Western Colonialism since 1450

Provides students and researchers with a much-needed, comprehensive resource on the subject of colonialism and expansion. From a global perspective, the set traces many facets of colonial growth and imperialism, and much more.

Encyclopedia of World Biography, ed. 2

A multicultural biographical source that covers notable individuals from every part of the world and from all time periods who have made significant contributions to human culture.

Encyclopedia of World Biography, ed. 2, v. 24

A multicultural biographical source that covers notable individuals from every part of the world and from all time periods who have made significant contributions to human culture.

Encyclopedia of World Biography, ed. 2, v. 25

A multicultural biographical source that covers notable individuals from every part of the world and from all time periods who have made significant contributions to human culture.

Encyclopedia of World Biography, ed. 2, v. 26

A multicultural biographical source that covers notable individuals from every part of the world and from all time periods who have made significant contributions to human culture.

Encyclopedia of World Biography, ed. 2, v. 27

A multicultural biographical source that covers notable individuals from every part of the world and from all time periods who have made significant contributions to human culture.

Encyclopedia of World Biography, ed. 2, v. 28

A multicultural biographical source that covers notable individuals from every part of the world and from all time periods who have made significant contributions to human culture.

Encyclopedia of World Biography, ed. 2, v. 29

A multicultural biographical source that covers notable individuals from every part of the world and from all time periods who have made significant contributions to human culture.

Encyclopedia of World Biography, ed. 2, v. 30

A multicultural biographical source that covers notable individuals from every part of the world and from all time periods who have made significant contributions to human culture.

Encyclopedia of World Biography, ed. 2, v. 31

A multicultural biographical source that covers notable individuals from every part of the world and from all time periods who have made significant contributions to human culture.

Encyclopedia of World Biography, ed. 2, v. 32

A multicultural biographical source that covers notable individuals from every part of the world and from all time periods who have made significant contributions to human culture.

Encyclopedia of World Biography, ed. 2, v. 33

A multicultural biographical source that covers notable individuals from every part of the world and from all time periods who have made significant contributions to human culture.

Encyclopedia of World Biography, ed. 2, v. 34

A multicultural biographical source that covers notable individuals from every part of the world and from all time periods who have made significant contributions to human culture.

Encyclopedia of World Biography, ed. 2, v. 35

A multicultural biographical source that covers notable individuals from every part of the world and from all time periods who have made significant contributions to human culture.

Encyclopedia of World Biography, ed. 2, v. 36

A multicultural biographical source that covers notable individuals from every part of the world and from all time periods who have made significant contributions to human culture.

Encyclopedia of World Cultures

This reference set lists and describes more than 1,500 global cultures. Based on research of social scientists, it is the source for historical, social, political, economic, linguistic, religious, and other information on virtually every existing culture.

Encyclopedia of World Cultures

This reference set lists and describes more than 1,500 global cultures. Based on research of social scientists, it is the source for historical, social, political, economic, linguistic, religious, and other information on virtually every existing culture. Its cross-cultural perspective meets high school curricular requirements for world studies and social sciences.

Encyclopedia of the American Constitution, ed. 2

Contains new and updated original articles covering recent concepts (i.e. adoption, race, the Constitution, birthright citizenship) and court cases since 1992 offering comprehensive coverage of all aspects of constitutional law, as well as biographies of people who have had an impact on our government's legal framework (Supreme Court Justices, Presidents, Cabinet Members, Lawyers, and more). Also covers judicial decisions handed down by the Supreme Court.

Encyclopedia of the American Revolution: Library of Military History

A three-volume survey of the military aspects of the American Revolutionary War, covering the period 1763-1783. The alphabetically arranged entries include biographies as well as discussions of campaigns and strategy; battles, skirmishes, and naval actions; weaponry; political issues and events; and how the European powers participated in the conflict. For students, historians, and general readers.

Encyclopedia of the Great Depression

This 2-vol. set encompasses nearly two decades of American history, beginning with the farm crisis of the mid-1920s, through the 1929 stock market crash, the gradual recovery during the 1930s with Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal and World War II. This wide-ranging, multidisciplinary encyclopedia features entries on depression-era politics, government, business, economics, literature, the arts, society and culture.

Encyclopedia of the Life Course and Human Development

Examines three key life stages from a sociological perspective, exploring how enduring experiences, as well as transitions and events such as childcare, education, stress, marriage, career, addiction, friendship, parenthood, disease, spirituality, and retirement influence the individual's life course. The life stages examined are: Childhood and Adolescence; Adulthood; and Later Life.

Encyclopedia of the Modern Middle East and North Africa, ed. 2

The set covers the modern history of the Middle East and North Africa, with major sections on Colonialism and Imperialism, the World Wars, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the United Nations involvement in the region. Each country in the region is reviewed, detailing its population, economy and government.

Encyclopedia of the New American Nation

A three-volume survey of the formative years of the United States, starting just prior to the American Revolution and ending with the inauguration of Andrew Jackson in 1829. Presents 671 alphabetically arranged entries focusing on the major political markers and milestones, as well as the art, music, literature and daily life, of this period. For secondary and college students, researchers, and general readers.

Encyclopedia of the Supreme Court of the United States

Focuses on the substance of American law, the processes that produce its legal principles, and the history of the Supreme Court, from its creation to the present. Overview essays address the history of such topics as citizenship, due process, Native Americans, racism, and contraception, emphasizing the social context of each and the social and political pressures that shaped interpretation.


This book explains the fundamentals of energy science and the impact of energy on human life and the environment. Interdisciplinary in nature, it covers topics from such fields as geology, biology, physics, history, sociology, and economics.

Enfermedades y Trastornos de la Salud

Provides a translation of Scribner's Human Diseases and Conditions for Spanish-speaking researchers. Details health and medical information on 280 diseases and conditions.

Enhancing Academic Research With Knowledge Management Principles

This book explores the latest research on implementing theoretical frameworks of information management in the context of academia and universities. It features extensive coverage on relevant areas such as data mining, organizational and academic culture.

Environmental Encyclopedia, ed. 4

Provides in-depth, worldwide coverage of environmental issues. Each article is written in a nontechnical style and provides current status, analysis, and suggested solutions whenever possible.

Environmental Issues: Essential Primary Sources

A focus on leading social issues of the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries. Each title contains approximately 175 full or excerpted documents---speeches, legislation, magazine and newspaper articles, essays, memoirs, letters, interviews, novels, songs, and works of art---as well as overview information that places each document in context.

Environmental Science

Provides comprehensive coverage of the environmental sciences. Cross-curricular in nature, the title supports both basic and advanced curricula in earth and environmental science, physics, chemistry, and biology, as well as general science, history, government, and the social sciences.

Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change Adaptation Strategies

This book provides a comprehensive overview of perspectives on sustainability protection of environmental resources, designed for policy makers interested in emerging research on climate change.

Epics for Students, ed. 2

Provides critical overviews of literary epics of all time periods, nations, and cultures. Includes discussions of themes, characters, literary traditions and cultural context.

Ethics, Science, Technology, and Engineering, ed. 2

This work considers both the professional ethics of science and technology, and the ethical and political issues raised by science and technology in an increasingly complex and global society. This broad coverage supports the numerous courses in applied and professional ethics and policy related to the practice of science and technology in education, including new analytical and interpretive essays on events, scholarship, people, and legal decisions.

Europe 1789-1914: Encyclopedia of the Age of Industry and Empire

A five-volume survey of European history from the onset of the French Revolution to the outbreak of World War. Alphabetically arranged entries cover the period's most significant personalities and meaningful developments in the arts, religion, politics, exploration, and warfare. For students, scholars, and general readers.

Europe Since 1914: Encyclopedia of the Age of War and Reconstruction

A multi-volume survey of European history from the beginning of World War I in 1914 to the present, presented through alphabetically arranged entries that focus on the period's scientific, social and cultural history as well as the political, military and economic developments. For students and general readers.

Europe, 1450 to 1789

A six-volume survey of European history from 1450, the beginning of the print revolution, to 1789 and the French Revolution. Presents over 1,000 alphabetically arranged entries covering the period's most significant personalities and meaningful developments in the arts, religion, politics, exploration, and warfare. For students, scholars, and general readers.

Everyday Finance

Provides a mix of basic and practical information on economics, personal money management, and starting a business.

Experiment Central, ed. 2

Provides examples of science projects and experiments that can be replicated for science fairs and other purposes, as well as suggestions on ways to design projects that investigate specific scientific topics and includes step-by-step descriptions of projects.

Extremist Groups: Information for Students

Provides an overview and history of 150 extremist organizations worldwide that are active today.


This book examines Facebook, the social media website. Readers will learn about company history and development, how Facebook operates, issues the company faces such as cyberbullying, and its impact on society.

Family in Society: Essential Primary Sources

Provides primary source documents focused family in society in the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries. Contains approximately 175 full or excerpted documents---speeches, legislation, magazine and newspaper articles, essays, memoirs, letters, interviews, novels, songs, and works of art---as well as overview information that places each document in context. International in scope.

Fashion, Costume, and Culture, ed. 2

Provides facts and information about the cultural, religious, and social implications of human decoration and adornment throughout history, with a particular emphasis on the decades of the 20th century. In 500 entries, detailed information about clothing, hairstyles, tattoos, jewelry, body piercing, feet binding, and other types of fashion or style is examined. Entries explain the fashion or style within the context of the traditions, customs, rituals, and practices.

Feminism in Literature: A Gale Critical Companion

This six-volume set explores the history of women and feminism throughout literature, from classical antiquity to modern times. Topics covered include misogyny and women's social roles in ancient civilizations, 16th-century women's devotional literature, 17th- and 18th-century women's captivity narratives, the women's suffrage movement in 19th-century America, women writers of the "Lost Generation," lesbian literature, and much more.

Flipped Instruction Methods and Digital Technologies in the Language Learning Classroom

This book explores the latest educational technologies and web-based learning solutions for effective language learning curricula. It features emergent research on critical topics and innovations in the field of education, including blended learning, computer-assisted language learning, distance learning, educational technologies, international learning, and mobile learning.


This title introduces flowers, explaining their anatomy and how they reproduce.


Examines food in relationship to nutrition, world health issues, agriculture, environmental concerns, current events and political decision-making.

French and Indian War

Contains historical overviews, biographical entries, and primary source material on the French and Indian War. Features include illustrations, maps, graphs and charts, photographs, and a further reading list. Designed for student and general audiences.

From Green Industries to Green Jobs

Presents occupational profiles, alongside overviews of the green job that cover such details as, what job it is most similar to, what skills are required to perform the job, and what a typical day in the life of that job is like.


This title introduces fruits, explaining their anatomy and how they reproduce.

Gale Business Insights Handbook of Cultural Transformation

This series centers on the specific projects, tasks, and activities in which businesspeople currently engage. This volume focuses on the topic of organizational change and corporate culture.

Gale Business Insights Handbook of Global Business Law

This series centers on the specific projects, tasks, and activities in which businesspeople currently engage. This volume focuses on the topic of global business law.

Gale Business Insights Handbook of Global Marketing

This series centers on the specific projects, tasks, and activities in which businesspeople currently engage. This volume focuses on the topic of global marketing.

Gale Business Insights Handbook of Innovation Management

This series centers on the specific projects, tasks, and activities in which businesspeople currently engage. This volume focuses on the topic of technical innovations in business management.

Gale Business Insights Handbook of Investment Research

This series centers on the specific projects, tasks, and activities in which businesspeople currently engage. This volume focuses on investment research and analysis.

Gale Business Insights Handbook of Social Media Marketing

This series centers on the specific projects, tasks, and activities in which businesspeople currently engage. This volume focuses on the social aspects of internet marketing.

Gale Contextual Encyclopedia of American Literature

Covers American authors from many periods and genres, building a broad understanding of the various contexts - from the biographical to the literary to the historical - in which literature can be viewed.

Gale Contextual Encyclopedia of World Literature

Covers world authors from many periods and genres, building an understanding of the various contexts -- from the biographical to the literary to the historical -- in which literature can be viewed. Identifies the significant literary devices and global themes that define a writer's style and place the author in a larger literary tradition as chronicled and evaluated by critics over time.

Gale E-Commerce Sourcebook, ed. 2

Combines a variety of information including approximately 100 how to topical entries covering the most commonly asked questions relating to e-commerce. Topics include how to write business and marketing plans, secure financing, and evaluate candidates for designing a website. Covers directory listings of approximately 4,700 associations, consultants, and other organizations related to e-commerce as well as the top 250 leading e-commerce companies worldwide.

Gale Encyclopedia of American Law, ed. 3

Covers today's leading cases, major statutes, legal terms and concepts, notable persons involved with the law, and important documents. Includes topics such as the Americans with Disabilities Act, capital punishment, domestic violence, gay and lesbian rights, physician-assisted suicide and more.

Gale Encyclopedia of E-Commerce, ed. 2

Provides access to the world of Internet commerce and addresses the concerns of those who want to join the ranks of the Internet business community. Features 470 essays on topics related to the emerging world of e-commerce. Includes profiles of individuals and organizations considered to be the industry leaders and innovators and covers significant events, case studies and legal issues important to understanding the current e-commerce environment.

Gale Encyclopedia of Everyday Law, ed. 3

This encyclopedia fills a much-needed gap between legal texts focusing on the theory and history behind the law and more practical guides dealing with the law and its everyday effect upon its citizens. Containing approximately 200 articles, the Encyclopedia includes: brief descriptions of each issue's historical background, covering important statutes and cases; profiles of various U.S. laws and regulations; and details of how laws and regulations vary from state to state.

Gale Encyclopedia of Multicultural America, ed. 3

This work includes 23 new ethnic groups and contains 152 revised ethnic entries on specific minority groups in the U.S., with an emphasis on culture (religions, holidays, customs, language) in addition to information on historical background and settlement patterns. The encyclopedia also covers ethnoreligious groups such as Jews, Chaldeans and Amish.

Gale Encyclopedia of U.S. Economic History, ed. 2

Designed to answer such key questions as: How has the U.S. Constitution shaped the economy of the United States? What were the consequences of Prohibition on consumers behavior? This title presents 1,000 entries, era overviews, event/movement profiles, biographies, business/industry profiled, geographic profiles, and more.

Gale Encyclopedia of U.S. History

Provides a broad overview of war throughout American history, with a special emphasis on how war effects, and is affected by, political, economic, and social change in American and global society.

Gale Encyclopedia of U.S. History

Provides a concise history of the U.S. government and political scene throughout American history, with a particular emphasis on how government and politics effects, and is affected by, social change.

Gale Encyclopedia of World History

Provides a broad overview of war throughout world history, from ancient times to present, with a special emphasis on its causes and repercussions.

Gale Encyclopedia of World History

Provides a broad overview of national governments throughout history, explaining their structures and histories, key players and events, and how governments effect, and are affected by, social change.

Gale Library of Daily Life

Provides historical information on the battlefield and homefront experience and the political, economic, social, and cultural life of the North and South during the War. Primary source documents in the form of first-person accounts, letters, diaries, journals, newspapers, and literature bring to life the experiences of the Union and Confederate participants and the people they left behind.

Gale Library of Daily Life

Illuminates daily life in slave society in America from colonial times to the end of the Civil War. Provides information on the business and regulation of slavery, the plantation way of life, work, family and community, culture and leisure, health and medicine, religion, resistance and rebellion, and slavery and freedom in the North.

Gender Issues and Sexuality: Essential Primary Sources

A focus on leading social issues of the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries. Each title contains approximately 175 full or excerpted documents---speeches, legislation, magazine and newspaper articles, essays, memoirs, letters, interviews, novels, songs, and works of art---as well as overview information that places each document in context.

Gender: Laughter

Part of the Macmillan Interdisciplinary Handbooks series on gender studies, this book examines the forms and function of laughter through the discipline of gender and sexuality studies. It assesses laughter and related forms of cultural expression, such as artworks, discourses, genres, and styles, and their deployment in feminist and queer theory and activism as well as in the cultural sphere at large.

Gender: Love

This book focuses on love and its relation to gender, mapping out feminist and queer critical engagement with love’s many meanings, paying particular attention to love’s gendered and sexualized elements, and offering resources for further research.

Gender: Matter

This volume focuses on matter and its relation to gender. It approaches matter not from a natural sciences perspective but from a humanities and social science perspective, asking what role matter plays in feminist, queer, and other social and political theories. It also grapples with how changes to matter, or the biophysical world, affect what sex and gender may mean in the twenty-first century.

Gender: Nature

This book retraces, synthesizes, and develops feminist and queer engagements with natural phenomena and with human and nonhuman biology.

Gender: Sources, Perspectives, and Methodologies

This book serves as a primer to the study of gender, including women’s, queer, and men’s studies. By employing literature, film, art, history, and other disciplines, it identifies areas of critical thought and practice in gender and sexuality studies; provides an overview of central themes, current topics, and seminal debates; and offers resources for further research.


A comprehensive collection of articles on all aspects of genetics, from Mendel to the decoding of the human genome. Explains the workings of genes and chromosomes, genetic diseases, and biotechnology. Also covers the ethical, legal, and social issues connected to genetic science. Includes full-color photos and line drawings, a glossary of scientific terms, and coverage of careers in the field.

Geo-Data: The World Geographical Encyclopedia, ed. 3

The 3rd edition of this comprehensive resource, now published by Gale, provides entries on the physical geography of every country in the world plus other selected locations. Each entry features a relief map depicting the geography of the location plus detailed text that describes its features, climate and vegetation. Entries are formatted with standardized rubrics to facilitate comparison.

Gilded Age and Progressive Era Reference Library

Focuses on the significant social and culture changes that occurred in the years 1878-1913.

Global Events

Features more than 830 entries covering key global historical events from a regional perspective. Covering ancient civilizations to the present, important events in history are explored with an emphasis on their significance to overall world history. Volumes are chronologically arranged by region: Africa, Asia and Oceania, Central and South America, Europe, Middle East, and North America.

Gothic Literature: A Gale Critical Companion

Spans all facets of gothic literature, including visual and performing arts, society and culture, themes, and settings. Includes primary source documents and critical material to provide a contextual perspective, a related chronology of key events, full-text commentaries, and lists of further readings.

Government, Politics, and Protest: Essential Primary Sources

A collection of primary source documents that focus on leading social issues of the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries. International in scope, each title is devoted to one topic.

Governments of the World: A Global Guide to Citizens' Rights and Responsibilities

This wide-ranging, multidisciplinary encyclopedia describes and analyzes how the governments profiled affect citizens in the daily exercise of their rights and responsibilities. Arranged alphabetically and richly illustrated, Governments of the World features biographies and historical surveys on different types of political systems, such as constitutional monarchies, presidential systems, democracies and dictatorships, and much more.

Grand Design

Studies the advent of color, big musicals, the studio system and the beginning of institutionalized censorship which made the thirties the defining decade for Hollywood, the decade that ended with "The Greatest Year in Motion Pictures" - the year of "Gone With the Wind", "The Wizard of Oz", "Mr Smith Goes to Washington" and other classics.

Great Depression and the New Deal Reference Library

Covers the failure of the U.S. economy and its gradual recovery, with special attention to the New Deal, as well as the global situation, including the rise of Hitler. The Almanac covers the era in 16 subject chapters. Biographies profiles 29 major figures of the period. Primary Sources features annotated excerpts from speeches, newspaper and magazine articles, literature, and other documents from the period. For middle school and general audiences.

Grzimek's Animal Life Encyclopedia

Covers evolution in detail and explores it from a scientific viewpoint. Includes comprehensive coverage of recent ideas and discoveries in the field of evolution.

Grzimek's Animal Life Encyclopedia

This new supplement explores all aspects of extinctions and extinct life, featuring approximately 80 articles outlining major extinctions and related scientific areas. Entries are written by nationally renowned subject experts specializing in zoology, paleontology, and environmental science. Written for students and general researchers.

Grzimek's Animal Life Encyclopedia, ed. 2

A completely revised and updated version of the original work published in Germany in 1960, this edition incorporates recent developments in the animal world as noted by prominent advisors and contributors from the scientific community.

Grzimek's Student Animal Life Resource

This resource book offers broad, comprehensive coverage of the animal kingdom, ranging from the simple -- sponges and corals -- to the complex -- mammals. Animals are grouped by major classifications: sponges; corals; jellyfishes; segmented worms; crustaceans and mollusks; insects; fishes; amphibians; reptiles; birds; and mammals.

Harlem Renaissance

This authoritative resource presents the people, places and times that defined an era and documents the launch of cultural development among African Americans in 1920s Harlem. This single volume contains almanac and biographies sections with primary source documents in sidebars throughout.

Health and Wellness

This book guides readers in making healthy choices about hygiene, diet, exercise, and medical care. They present easy-to-understand information about health-care coverage options and offer overviews of the types of available medical care, from general practitioners to alternative medicine and mental health providers.

Healthy Living, ed. 2

This set is designed to be a one-stop-shop for young student’s first learning about healthy habits and health issues in general. Topics include nutrition, exercise, environmental health, medicine and healthcare, mental health and self-esteem.

Historic Events for Students: The Great Depression

Each volume includes 15-20 entries covering a specific issue or incident related to the Great Depression in a global perspective. Entries follow a standard format for comparison purposes and typically include an introduction, an issue or incident summary, an exploration of different perspectives, a summary of key political, social and economic influences, and sources for further research. Includes primary source documents. Aimed at students and the general public. 3 volumes.

Historical Atlas of the Islamic World

Among the great civilizations of the world, Islam remains an enigma to Western readers. Now, in a beautifully illustrated historical atlas, noted scholar of religion Malise Ruthven recounts the fascinating and important history of the Islamic world.

Histories of Everyday Life in Totalitarian Regimes

This set explores daily life in such totalitarian dictatorships as Nazi Germany, Stalin's Soviet Union, China under Mao, and North Korea. Entries focus on compelling personal histories detailing the experiences of individuals in these regimes. The personal experiences are conveyed in such first-hand accounts as memoirs, autobiographies, diaries, and letters.

History Behind the Headlines

Presents in-depth information on conflicts appearing in today's headlines. Users are provided with historical background and analysis to events to give a greater understanding of the politics, players, and layers of current affairs.

History of World Trade Since 1450

History of World Trade Since 1450 starts at a year regarded as the beginning of the Age of Exploration and examines how the hunt for new resources and markets during that period resulted in the establishment of colonies in Africa, the Americas and Asia. The set looks at the Industrial Revolution, the rise of capitalism and the effects of imperialism on the global economy.

How Everyday Products are Made

Examines products that figure prominently in the everyday lives of teens, as well as many other items of interest. Entries describe the whys and hows of the inventions, provide step-by-step descriptions of the manufacturing process, and offer predictions about product enhancements for the future. Includes critical thinking questions, photos, illustrations, sidebars, and a “For More Information” bibliography of books, periodicals, and websites.

How Products Are Made: An Illustrated Guide to Product Manufacturing, v. 1

Provides information on the manufacture of a variety of items, from everyday household products to heavy machinery to sophisticated electronic equipment. Includes step-by-step descriptions of processes and simple explanations of technical terms and concepts. Covers a broad range of manufacturing areas including: food, clothing, electronics, transportation, machinery, instruments, sporting goods, and more.

Human Diseases and Conditions, ed. 3

Presents information on numerous diseases and conditions. Articles include a definition of the disease or condition, an explanation of how it works in the body, information on causes, symptoms and diagnosis, treatment or cure, and lifestyles.

Human Geography

Provides insight into both regional and global issues by addressing fundamental and advanced topics critical to the study of human geography and places special emphasis on exploring the impact of human habitation and economic activity on the environment.

Human Rights Innovators

Highlights hundreds of key figures who fought for human rights around the globe. These informative, in-depth biographies feature those activists who fought to end slavery and discrimination, promote the rights of women and children, and those whose mission is to promote peace, freedom and equal rights around the world.

Human Rights in Focus: Human Trafficking

This book examines the subject of human trafficking. The challenges human trafficking victims face, the efforts to eradicate this crime, and how to assist victims are among the topics discussed.

Human Rights in Focus: Illegal Immigrants

This book introduces readers to immigration laws and immigrant rights which are designed to manage immigrant populations, reassert a nation’s boundaries, and help define what it means to be a citizen of a given country.

Human Spaceflight

This book presents the Cold War’s space race, the effects of spaceflight on humans, what is required to become an astronaut, and how NASA and private companies are embracing the future of spaceflight.

Human and Civil Rights: Essential Primary Sources

These volumes of primary source documents focus on leading social issues of the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries. International in scope, each title is devoted to one topic.

Immigration and Multiculturalism: Essential Primary Sources

Provides primary source documents focused on immigration and multiculturalism in the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries. Contains approximately 175 full or excerpted documents---speeches, legislation, magazine and newspaper articles, essays, memoirs, letters, interviews, novels, songs, and works of art---as well as overview information that places each document in context. International in scope.

Immune System Disorders Sourcebook, ed. 3

Provides updated health information about immune system function, diseases, treatments, and management of related disorders. Includes tips for coping with immune disorders, an index, a glossary of related terms, and other helpful resources.

Industrial Revolution Reference Library

Covers the ideas and social turmoil that marked this transition as well as the machines, manufacturing processes and energy sources that spurred it on.

Infectious Diseases

Covers the history, politics, and ethical debate related to infectious diseases. Includes articles on how such diseases impact trade and commerce, travel, and the future of industrialized and impoverished nations.

Information Literacy in the Digital Age

This book examines the challenges involved in seeking and evaluating information from the vast array of sources available through digital technology.

Innovation Masters

Covers the best examples of successful businesses and/or business people that have incorporated or developed a new product, service or technology that help to reinvent or revolutionize their business and/or industry.

Inside the Oil Industry

This title examines the business around oil, the fossil fuel that powers much of the modern world. It explores the oil industry's history, petroleum's many uses, and the ways in which companies are trying to boost efficiencies to make it a viable energy source for many years to come.

International Dictionary of Films and Filmmakers, ed. 4

Provides thorough coverage of films and filmmakers, including legendary films, actors and actresses, directors, writers and other production artists. Entries include a detailed essay written by an expert; biographies; filmographies; comprehensive credits; major awards; and updated bibliographies, as well as photographs. General and professional audiences.

International Dictionary of Psychoanalysis

The history of psychoanalysis in 50 countries shows the relationship between psychoanalysis and other disciplines, with entries discussing writers, philosophers, literary movements and historical events.

International Directory of Business Biographies

Examines the career paths, business achievements, leadership styles, business strategies and industry impact of Fortune 500 and Global 500 corporate leaders, as well as entrepreneurs and other notable businesspeople through in-depth biographical narratives. For business and trade audiences.

International Directory of Company Histories, v. 83

Provides histories of companies that are a leading influence in a particular industry or geographic location. For students, job candidates, business executives, historians and investors.

International Encyclopedia of Marriage and Family, ed. 2

Includes articles specific to countries and to religious traditions, examining the history of family life within these cultures and discussing how families have been affected by political and social change.

International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences, ed. 2

Covers scholarship and fields that have emerged and matured since the publication of the original international edition. Highlights the expanding influence of economics in social science research and features new articles and biographies contributed by scholars from around the world on a wide array of global topics in the social sciences.

International Tourism and Hospitality in the Digital Age

This book brings together the best practices for growth, development, and strategic management within the tourism and hospitality industries. It highlights comparative research that explores the cross-cultural contexts and societal implications of tourism.

Islamic Art and Architecture

This reference traces the development of Islamic art and architecture from the Umayyad dynasty to the present day. Readers will learn about the art of the Fatimids, Seljuqs, Mamluks, Mongols, Ottomans, Safavids, Mughals, and more.

Japanese English

Provides an insightful guide to many scholars in applied linguistics, sociolinguistics and cultural studies with an interest in the status, functions, and features of English in Japan.

Junior Worldmark Encyclopedia of Foods and Recipes of the World, ed. 2

Provides comprehensive coverage of the foods and recipes from 70 representative countries and culture groups worldwide -- from Algeria to Zimbabwe. Entries provide 10-15 recipes for each group and include data on the agriculture and dietary habits of each group as well as an overview of each group's nutrition and health.

Junior Worldmark Encyclopedia of Physical Geography

Includes information on physical properties and characteristics of nearly 200 countries. Designed specifically for students in grades 5-12.

Junior Worldmark Encyclopedia of World Cities

Students will find everything they need to conduct thorough research on 50 cities from all over the world, including information on each city's history, neighborhoods, museums, parks, transportation, geography, holidays and festivals, population profiles and much more.

Junior Worldmark Encyclopedia of World Cultures, ed. 2

A guide to the history and current status of numerous cultural groups outside the United States. Offer students background and current status on cultures of the countries they are most likely to study.

Junior Worldmark Encyclopedia of World Holidays

Written for students in middle and high school, offering in-depth information on such holidays as Children's/Youth Day, Christmas (and related celebrations), Halloween and Festivals of the Dead, Hanukkah, Independence Day (Cinco de Mayo, Bastille Day, etc.), Kwanza, Yom Kippur, New Year celebrations and many others. 4 volume set.

Junior Worldmark Encyclopedia of the Canadian Provinces, ed. 5

Provides information on Canada's provinces and territories. Includes details on Canada's arts, climate, government, health, languages, notable persons, and ethnic groups.

Junior Worldmark Encyclopedia of the Mexican States, ed. 2

Presents profiles of the 31 states and the Distrito Federal (federal district) of Mexico. Topics include climate, plants and animals, population and ethnic groups, religions, transportation, history, state and local governments, political parties, judicial system, economy, education, arts, media, tourism, sports, famous people.

Junior Worldmark Encyclopedia of the Nations, ed. 6

Presents profiles of 193 countries of the world. Topics include climate, plants and animals, population and ethnic groups, religions, transportation, history, government, political parties, judicial system, economy, education, arts, media, tourism, and famous people.

Junior Worldmark Encyclopedia of the States, ed. 6

Presents profiles of the 50 states of the nation, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the US dependencies. Topics include climate, plants and animals, population and ethnic groups, religions, transportation, history, state and local governments, political parties, judicial system, economy, education, arts, media, tourism, sports, famous people.


This curriculum-based book teaches young readers about Jupiter as one of the eight planets in our solar system in astronomical terms, providing the fundamental information any student needs to begin their studies in astronomy. Chapters focus on topics such as Jupiter’s orbit and rotation, rings, atmosphere, and moons, as well as on the space missions that have helped us get a closer look at the planet and its moons over the past decades.

Korean War Reference Library

Covers the Korean War by exploring the major topics and events related to the period. The combined Almanac and Primary Sources covers the background of and issues related to the conflict in 13 chapters. Biographies includes 25 biographical entries on major figures from the period and 50 photographs.

Landmarks of the American Revolution: Library of Military History, ed. 2

Zooming in on key locations connected to the American Revolution, this expanded and completely revised edition of Col. Mark M. Boatner III's original book goes beyond U.S. borders when profiling historical sites and landmarks significant to the war. The original state-by-state guide now also includes coverage of the war in the West Indies and an expanded treatment of Canada.

Learning About the Holocaust

Offers articles written at the 9th and 10th grade reading levels; includes diary entries and stories about young people who lived during the Holocaust.

Learning and Memory, ed. 2

Provides an overview of the full range of current knowledge about learning and memory, revised from the 1992 edition. Features new articles and article updates that capture advances in the changing fields of memory, neuroscience, and cognition. New entries include autobiographical memory, collective memory, schizophrenia and memory, and other topics. For academic audiences.


This title introduces leaves, explaining their anatomy and how they make food for plants.

Literary Movements for Students, ed. 2

Entries provide in-depth historical background information on each movement as well as modern critical interpretation of each movement's characteristic styles and themes.

Literary Newsmakers for Students, v. 1

Provides analysis and criticism of recent novels and other works of fiction, nonfiction, poetry and drama.

Literary Themes for Students: Race and Prejudice

Works included represent a wide range of circumstances in which individuals experience prejudice in American, British and world literature. The discussion goes well beyond race, religion, and gender into ethnicity, social status, mental and physical health, and personal beliefs and behaviors.

Literary Themes for Students: The American Dream

Provides readers with an overview of literary works that explore the theme of the American dream. Analyzes poetry, plays, short stories, novels, and works of nonfiction that address this theme in some capacity, and how that theme has been treated in literature at different times in history and across diverse cultures.

Literary Themes for Students: War and Peace

Presents a myriad of viewpoints, so that modern readers can begin to grasp the complexities of war and its impact. Such stories give voice to the individuals who fight and are fought against, who are injured, who suffer on the battlefield and at home, and who, inevitably, can no longer speak for themselves. Examines dominant and recurring subthemes in the literature of war; including survival, terrorism, leadership, and genocide.

Lost Illusions

Looks at how the emergence of new technology, such as steadicam and Dolby sound, and a new generation of talent challenged the old ways, with films like "Nashville" and "Five Easy Pieces".

Macmillan Encyclopedia of Death and Dying

Covering all aspects of death and dying -- biological, medical, social, sociological, psychological, religious, and philosophical -- the 2-vol. Macmillan Encyclopedia of Death and Dying also provides a deep historical and cross-cultural perspective through the ages.

Macmillan Encyclopedia of Energy

Articles explore everything from Albert Einstein, seismic energy, and acid rain, to lasers and building design. The Encyclopedia supports the curriculum in earth science, chemistry and life sciences, social studies, political science and more.

Magill's Cinema Annual, ed. 34

Each volume offers an in-depth retrospective of significant domestic and foreign films released in the United States during the preceding year. Distinguishing features include its extensive credits, awards and nominations, MPAA ratings, thorough indexes, and its exhaustive critical reviews with author bylines.

Major 21st-Century Writers

Contains detailed biographical and bibliographical information on the most-studied authors at the turn of the twenty-first century. More than 1,000 fully-updated entries cover the most influential contemporary writers and their careers through 2004.

Major Acts of Congress

In 262 entries, this 3-vol. set examines landmark pieces of legislation, explaining the historical factors that led to the proposal of each act, looking at the adoption process and assessing each act's impact on American life. All aspects of legislation are covered, including the National Prohibition Act, the Civil Rights Act, the Family and Medical Leave Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Fair Housing Act, the Freedom of Information Act and much more.

Manufacturing & Distribution USA, ed. 9

Presents statistics on numerous NAICS classifications in the manufacturing, wholesaling and retail industries. Compiled from the most recent government publications. Covers input-output data by industrial sector when available as well as classifications of leading public and private corporations in each industry.

Market Share Reporter

Covers 50 key industries (and the companies and products therein) throughout the world (including but not limited to the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Asia).


This curriculum-based book teaches young readers about the fundamental aspects of the planet Mars, including its size, mass, surface features, interior, orbit, and spin. It also explores the history of the missions to Mars, including the Viking spacecraft and the Curiosity and MAVEN rovers, and why scientists think there’s a chance that Mars is or was suitable for life.

Mathematics, ed. 2

Explains mathematical concepts with an historical overview of the field. Explores the uses and effects of math in daily life, and provides information on different career choices in this field.

Medicine, Health, and Bioethics: Essential Primary Sources

A focus on leading social issues of the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries. Each title contains approximately 175 full or excerpted documents---speeches, legislation, magazine and newspaper articles, essays, memoirs, letters, interviews, novels, songs, and works of art---as well as overview information that places each document in context.

Melton's Encyclopedia of American Religions, ed. 9

Comprehensive coverage of more than 2,300 North American religious groups in the U.S. and Canada -- from Adventists to Zen Buddhists. Information is presented in two distinct sections, essays and directory listings describing the historical development of religious families and providing factual information about each group within those families. Includes, when available, rubrics for membership figures, educational facilities and periodicals.


This curriculum-based book illuminates Mercury for young readers with satellite images, diagrams, and vocabulary boxes. Topics covered include Mercury’s formation, surface, atmosphere, orbit, and rotation, as well as Mariner 10 and Messenger, the unmanned spacecraft that have flown by Mercury and provided more insight into the planet’s features.

Mexican-American War

Covers the period from the U.S. annexation of Texas to the Treaty of Guadeloupe Hidalgo (1848), including the battles of the conflict and also the mixed feelings of Americans regarding the war.

Middle Ages Reference Library

Covers the different civilizations and peoples of Medieval times; includes biographical essays on significant individuals of the era; and presents a collection of excerpts from relevant letters, journal entries, poems and more from the era.

Middle East Conflict, ed. 2

Provides a comprehensive and objective overview of the people, events, and documents that are key to understanding the complex relationships of the countries and cultures of the Middle East.

Modern American Literature, ed. 5

Provides insight into the careers of nearly 500 20th-century American writers, including black and women writers. Entries include important critical excerpts, chronologically arranged and collected from a wide variety of sources such as books, scholarly journals, general periodicals and newspapers.


This book examines music notation, sound, and structure; musical composition and form; the various characteristics of instruments as well as their classification and history, including electronic instruments; musical performance and expression; and styles and genres of music in Western cultures.

National Survey of State Laws, ed. 6

A quick, state-by-state comparison of current state laws -- how they differ and how they're similar -- for a range of relevant subjects from abortion to employment discrimination, child custody to interest rates.


This curriculum-based book teaches young readers the fundamentals of Neptune. They will learn about Neptune’s physical features, its super storms that can reach 1,500 miles per hour, its ring system, the Voyager missions, and its status as one of the gas giants. Includes images directly from NASA and those taken by the Voyager missions themselves.

New Catholic Encyclopedia Supplement 2009

A supplement to the New Catholic Encyclopedia that focuses on the theme of science and the church.

New Catholic Encyclopedia Supplement 2010

This supplement focuses on the Church in Modern History, particularly WWII and after. It also includes about 200 entries on the men and women who have been beatified or canonized since 2003.

New Catholic Encyclopedia Supplement 2011

This supplement covers the areas of art, music and literature. It includes articles written by specialists and scholars, bios of the beatified and canonized since 2010 as well as entries on other relevant current Catholic issues, events and topics, such as: Internet and the Church, Pope Benedict XVI, popular culture, sex abuse crisis, television and Catholicism, and women artists and Catholic art.

New Catholic Encyclopedia Supplement 2012-2013

This supplement covers a wide range of topics including ethics, metaphysics, epistemology, logic, aesthetics, philosophy of literature, art, and music, political philosophy, and philosophy of law. It contains numerous articles of special interest to Catholic thought and culture covering such areas as the philosophical aspects of love, hope, wisdom, marriage, friendship, death, pain and suffering, the human person and the human soul, and the philosophy of God and religion.

New Catholic Encyclopedia Supplement, Jubilee Volume: The Wojtyla Years

A scholarly supplement to the New Catholic Encyclopedia that focuses on the pontificate of John Paul II and includes thematic essays presenting the man and his work. Headings include: The Papacy of John Paul II; Church Documents; People and Places; Institutions and Events, Saints and Blessed.

New Catholic Encyclopedia, ed. 2

This 15 volume, second edition features revised and new articles. Among the 12,000 entries in the encyclopedia are articles on theology, philosophy, history, literary figures, saints, musicians and much more.

New Dictionary of the History of Ideas

A six-volume survey of the history of Western thought and culture, presented through 700 alphabetically arranged entries. Each entry explores the origin, cultural interpretations, and historical themes of such subjects as beauty, love, feminism, diversity, and social capital, among many others. For students and general readers.

New Encyclopedia of Africa, ed. 2

Addresses the entire history of African cultures from the pharaohs and the ancient civilizations of the south through the colonial era to the emergence of 53 independent countries, some of them newly emergent in world commerce and others deep in conflict. Covers issues facing the continent such as global development, the AIDS crisis, and international terrorism.

New Infrastructures for Knowledge Production: Understanding E-Science

This book offers an overview of the practices and the technologies that are shaping the knowledge production of the future.


Provides timely and informative profiles of the world's most interesting people.

Nonfiction Classics for Students

Provides critical overviews on the most frequently studied nonfiction essays, books, biographies, and memoirs. Includes discussions of literary format, themes, and structure.

Notable Black American Men, Book II

Profiles contemporary and historic figures whose accomplishments will inspire students of every heritage. Covering the most prominent newsmakers as well as lesser-known individuals, each volume offers full biographical entries, portraits, addresses for living listees and recommended sources for further study.

Notable Sports Figures

Features biographies on more than 600 sports figures from around the world and throughout history who have had an impact not only on their sport, but also on the society and culture of their times.

Novels for Students, v. 17

Provides critical overviews of novels from various cultures and time periods. Includes discussions of plot, characters, themes and structure as well as the work's cultural and historical significance.

Nutrition and Well-Being A to Z

This two-volume reference examines the relationship between food and health on a historical, national and personal level. It analyzes how nutrition has affected quality of life, health and fitness in various countries at different times in history.


This book covers the elements and principles of design in painting and the various mediums, forms, imagery, subject matter, and symbolism employed, adopted, or created by the painter.

Persian Gulf War Encyclopedia

This encyclopedia provides a rich historical account of the Persian Gulf War, examining the conflict from a holistic perspective that addresses the details of the military operations as well as the social, political, economic, and cultural aspects of the war.

Personal Finance

This book guides readers in making prudent decisions about spending, saving, and borrowing, walking them through major life events, such as buying or renting a home, purchasing or leasing a car, and saving for college and retirement. It also offers practical guidance about purchasing insurance, applying for government benefits, and being an informed consumer.

Philosophy: Education

This book covers the philosophy of education, the branch of philosophy concerned with understanding, criticizing, and justifying educational ideas and practices. It looks at important thinkers and attempts to understand their educational ideas as well as looks at an important concept or idea in the larger social and intellectual world, such as creativity or democracy, and examines how that idea intersects with educational issues.

Philosophy: Environmental Ethics

This volume is composed of twelve chapters covering such topics as population, novel ecoysystem, geoengineering, climate change, animal ethics, conciliation, and extinction. The use of film, literature, art, case studies, and other disciplines or situations/events provide illustrations of human experiences which work as gateways to questions philosophers try to address.

Philosophy: Medical Ethics

This book addresses the themes of ethics across the life span, ethical issues in health and medical professionalism, and bioethics in social justice. The focus moves from the individual patient-provider relationship to those of the greater community.

Philosophy: Mind

This book covers such philosophical topics as the self, free will, consciousness, perception, memory, emotions, and artificial intelligence. The use of film, literature, art, case studies, and other disciplines or situations/events provide illustrations of human experiences which work as gateways to questions philosophers try to address.

Philosophy: Religion

This book focuses on the philosophy of religion, scrutinizing the religious claims present in twenty-four different aspects of religious thinking. It covers such topics as miracles, evil, theism, science and religion, dualism, resurrection, reincarnation, near-death experience, and religious terrorism, and uses film, literature, art, case studies, and other disciplines or situations/events to provide illustrations of human experiences applicable to philosophical questions.

Philosophy: Sex and Love

This book covers topics relevant to sex and love, including friendship, gender, marriage, adultery, and virtual (online) relationships. The use of film, literature, art, case studies, and other disciplines or situations/events provide illustrations of human experiences which work as gateways to questions philosophers try to address.

Philosophy: Sources, Perspectives, and Methodologies

This book serves as a primer to the study of philosophy, discussing some of the challenges from various forms of skepticism that philosophers have faced when, in the footsteps of Socrates, they have tried to gain knowledge. The primer also provides a sample of the diverse philosophical traditions that have developed through the centuries in different parts of the world.

Philosophy: Sport

This book addresses the theme of ethics in the field of sports, covering such topics as cheating, gender equality, aesthetics, steroid use, and spirituality.

Philosophy: Technology

This book addresses the theme of ethics in such technology areas as cyber warfare, designing children, video games and virtual reality, nanotechnology, and technology and the environment. The use of film, literature, art, case studies, and other disciplines or situations/events provide illustrations of human experiences which work as gateways to questions philosophers try to address.


This book focuses on the technology of photography, the camera and its parts, types of lenses, shutters and speeds, films and filters, making photographs, exposing film, lighting, darkroom techniques and processing, printing photographs, and some of the practical applications of the medium.

Pirates Through the Ages Reference Library

Explores the history of piracy from ancient times to the present day. Topics include piracy in antiquity and the Middle Ages, the golden age of piracy in the Caribbean, female pirates, the pirate code of conduct and pirate slang, strongholds and hideouts, ships, weaponry, and sea battles, pirates in literature and film, and modern maritime piracy.

Planning for a New Generation of Public Library Buildings

Provides information to the public library director and helps in understanding what is involved in planning for a public library building project. This book will help librarians and others learn what should be known about a project so that they may function effectively as part of the planning team.

Plant Sciences

Introduces the fundamentals of plant sciences, such as cells, transportation and photosynthesis, and also examines related fields, such as agribusiness, conservation and ethnobotany. Fully illustrated with margin definitions, timelines and sidebars throughout. Academic and general interest. 4 volumes.

Pluto and Other Dwarf Planets

In this curriculum-based book, readers will come to understand what separates a dwarf planet from a planet, or from any of the other bodies found within the solar system. They'll learn about Pluto itself, as well as its fellow dwarf planets, Ceres, Makemake, Haumea, and Eris.

Poetry for Students, v. 18

Features discussion and analysis of poems of all time periods, nations, and cultures. Provides an overview of the poem and discussion of its principal themes, images, form and construction.

Political Theories for Students

In-depth information on major political theories and systems from all time periods. Each entry begins with a general overview of the system/theory followed by a discussion of the principal aspects of the theory, the theory's philosophy and an analysis of the historical context in which the theory was developed, including critical response.

Pollution A to Z

Provides information on a variety of pollution issues, including sources of pollution; disposal; remediation; and the ethical, social and legal environment, as well as topics such as acid rain, cancer, noise pollution and zero growth population. Also covers careers and biographies of key people. For academic and general audiences. 2 volumes.

Prejudice in the Modern World Reference Library

Explores the many different types of prejudice, their history, what causes these prejudices in people and societies, and their consequences. Presents profiles of diverse and unique men and women who played key roles in the history of prejudice. Excerpted documents tell various stories in the words of the people who fought prejudice, acted out prejudices, and those who were the victims of prejudice.

Presidents: A Reference History, ed. 3

Presents in-depth profiles of each American president and his administration. Includes black-and-white portraits of the presidents and extensive bibliographies. Also features a new history of the White House and a general introduction to the presidency. For students in grades 10 and higher, as well as general readers.

Problem-Based Learning Innovation

Explains why problem-based learning (PBL) has become an innovation in education. Provides readers with an updated and holistic perspective of how to practically infuse PBL into the curricula.

Psychologists and Their Theories for Students

Perfect for research assignments in psychology, science and history, this one-stop source for in-depth coverage of major psychological theories and the people who developed them provides a unique approach to the study of psychological history as it pertains to analysis. 2 volumes.

Psychology of Classroom Learning

Examines the fundamental psychological aspects of learning such as cognition, motivation, and emotion, as well as individual and environmental factors at work in the classroom. Explores how instruction and learning are affected by factors such as classroom management, multiculturalism, learning styles, home schooling, peer relationships, school culture, discipline, self-esteem, socioeconomic status, and more.

Rachel Carson

This book explores the life, accomplishments, and legacy of Rachel Carson (1907-1964), a marine biologist who became a dedicated conservationist. Her lauded book Silent Spring turned her into a household name, and her environmental writings influenced generations.


This text begins by describing various prequels to the U.S. Constitution and explaining how the final document emerged at the Constitutional Convention. The subsequent chapters examine many proposed alternatives and revisions to the Constitution from its establishment until the present, illuminating perceived strengths and weaknesses of the current document as well as the pros and cons of possible amendments.

Real-Life Math

This book provides many insights into the many connections between mathematics applications and the real world. Nearly 50 math concepts are presented with multiple examples of how each is applied in everyday environments, such as the workplace, nature, science, sports, and even parking.

Real-Life Math

Provides an understanding of commonly studied math concepts by illustrating their use in everyday life in everyday tasks, such as buying insurance, constructing a budget, reading graphs, adjusting cooking recipes or planning for retirement. Topics are designed to support the modern mathematics curriculum and contain examples related to the global economy. 2 volumes.

Reconstruction Era Reference Library

The three-volume Reconstruction Era Reference Library provides targeted information on post-Civil War America, from the end of the war in 1865 to the Compromise of 1877.

Reference Guide to Holocaust Literature

Covering the entire spectrum of the literature of the Holocaust era, from the beginnings of Nazism through the concentration camp experience, survivor syndrome and second generation response, this detailed survey includes entries on more than 200 authors and 300 works.

Reference Guide to Short Fiction, ed. 2

Concise discussions of the lives and principal works of short-fiction authors, written by subject experts.

Reference Guide to World Literature, ed. 3

Covers writers from the ancient Greeks to 20th-century authors. Includes biographical-bibliographical entries on nearly 500 writers and approximately 550 entries focusing on significant works of world literature. Each author entry provides a detailed overview of the writer's life and works. Work entries cover a particular piece of world literature in detail. 2 volumes.

Religion: Beyond Religion

This book offers a “state of the art” look at secular life that is focused mainly on, although certainly not limited to, the contemporary American context, covering the secular life beyond religion as well as its intersection with religion.

Religion: Embodied Religion

This book offers a “state of the art” look at secular life that is focused mainly on, although certainly not limited to, the contemporary American context, covering the secular life beyond religion as well as its intersection with religion.

Religion: Just Religion

This book explores four dominant issues—race, gender, class, and the environment—and addresses each in relationship to religion.

Religion: Material Religion

This book explores religion and the arts through visual and material culture, discussing the various aesthetic elements of religious elements in art, architecture, dance, film, music, photography, and more. It also covers the creation of sacred spaces as well as how placement of art can affect the sacredness of material religion through discussion of museum exhibits, calligraphy, relics, and rituals.

Religion: Mental Religion

This volume highlights religion, cognition, and the brain, discussing religious phenomena through different scientific lenses, including evolutionary psychology, evolutionary anthropology, cognitive linguistics, cognition and culture, and neuroscience.

Religion: Narrating Religion

This volume examines the ways in which people express ideas about religions and within religions, through oral and written speech, rituals, and the visual arts. It covers the role of narratives in the expression of religious beliefs; how narratives help to create and sustain beliefs; how people tell stories about religions; and the ways in which religious beliefs and practices have been interpreted by people who have tried to understand, use, and critique them.

Religion: Secret Religion

This book explores esoteric or secret forms of religion throughout Western history and in contemporary scholarship. It looks at the margins of religion or religious texts and traditions that are not considered authoritative by orthodox communities.

Religion: Social Religion

This book introduces the study of religion through the lens of social science, covering psychology of religion, sociology of religion, anthropology of religion, and the historical method.

Religion: Sources, Perspectives, and Methodologies

This book serves as a primer to the study of religion. By employing literature, film, art, history, and other disciplines, it begins with a brief history of the modern practice, segues into religion and the social sciences, continues with chapters on Gnosticism, material culture, studies of myths and rituals.

Religion: Super Religion

This volume reexamines the supernatural in the study of religion for the next generation of students and scholars. It takes an interdisciplinary approach to a variety of religious traditions to engage with new thinking about such classical and contemporary topics as spirits, possession, vision, deification, the miraculous, magical powers, and the paranormal, relating to such fields as modern medicine, cultural anthropology, folklore studies, and popular culture studies.

Renaissance and Reformation Reference Library

This resource brings the people and the events of the Renaissance and Reformation to life for today's students. Covering everything from Luther's Revolt to the writings of Shakespeare, the Renaissance and Reformation Reference Library fills the need for comprehensive coverage of this amazing time.

Renaissance and Reformation, 1500-1620

Provides basic information on the people who have contributed significantly to the culture of Western civilization. Covers such figures as the religious leaders who contributed to the Reformation, scientists who paved the way for a new view of the universe, and Renaissance painters, sculptors, and architects, as well as writers, musicians, and scholars.

Renaissance: An Encyclopedia for Students

A survey of the Renaissance-era topics most studied in high school world history, art literature, economics and science curriculum. Presents 465 alphabetically arranged entries broadly covering people, places, events, concepts, works of art and literature, and scientific achievements from around 1350 to 1620. For students in grades 7 and higher.

Roaring Twenties Reference Library

The Roaring Twenties Reference Library chronicles and illustrates a time of great social change in everything from fashion to music to politics.


This title introduces roots, explaining their anatomy and how they help plants and soil.