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eBooks for the Fac. of Sciences

Advanced Topics in C, ed. , v.

This book covers topics such as sorting, searching, merging, recursion, random numbers and simulation, among others.

Advanced Web Services, ed. , v.

This book covers state-of-the-art theoretical and practical aspects of Web services and SOC (Service-Oriented Computing) research and deployments. It focuses on advanced topics of Web services and SOC and covers topics including Web services transactions, security and trust, Web service management, real-world case studies, and novel perspectives and future directions.

Agile Software Architecture, ed. , v.

Focuses on principles of Agile software development and gaps in the requirements of applying architecture-centric approaches. Readers will learn how Agile and architectural cultures can co-exist and support each other according to the context.

An Introduction to XML Query Processing and Keyword Search, ed. , v.

This guide provides an overview of searching techniques on XML data, and includes the new and key technologies on XML data storage. It also describes XML query processing algorithms.

Brainstorming and Beyond, ed. , v.

Describes techniques for generating, presenting, and evaluating ideas for product success. Techniques covered include the complex social process of brainstorming, which builds off of social psychology principles, motivational constructs, and corporate culture; brainwriting, a written variation on brainstorming; and braindrawing, a method of visual brainstorming that helps practitioners generate ideas for icons, other graphics, user interface layouts, or Web page designs.

Control and Optimization with PDE Constraints, ed. , v.

This book presents topics in the areas of control of PDEs and of PDE-constrained optimization, covering the full spectrum from analysis to numerical realization and applications.

Enterprise Applications Administration, ed. , v.

Provides essential information on tasks associated with administering large enterprise applications, including operating systems administration, network design, system architecture, project planning, working within a team, protecting the network, and how to keep applications up and running.

Expert PHP and MySQL, ed. , v.

Covers essential topics, such as choosing between shared hosting and a virtual machine in the cloud, updating a live application, translating MySQL constraint errors to something the user can understand, protecting passwords the right way, implementing two-factor authentication, making your web site invulnerable to attack, implementing validation with database triggers, developing reports as CSV files or PDFs, converting data with variant name spellings, and more.

Functionalized Polymeric Materials in Agriculture and the Food Industry, ed. , v.

This book looks at the applications of polymeric materials in agriculture and the food industry as a way to meet the growing demands of food production and to reduce the environmental pollution associated with the use of agrochemicals.

Graphs on Surfaces, ed. , v.

This book discusses recent developments in generalized duals of graphs on surfaces, and their applications. It illustrates the interdependency between duality, medial graphs and knots; how this interdependency is reflected in algebraic invariants of graphs and knots; and how it can be exploited to solve problems in graph and knot theory.

Learn Java for Android Development, ed. 2, v.

Teaches programmers of any skill level the essential Java language and foundational Java API skills that must be learned to improve the programmer’s chances of succeeding as an Android app developer.

Materials Experience, ed. , v.

Provides insights and expertise from academicians and professional designers on a number of topics common to materials and product design. Organized into four main themes: sustainability, user interaction, technology and selection.

Nanocrystalline Materials, ed. 2, v.

Provides updated information on the development and experimental work on the synthesis, properties, and applications of nanocrystalline materials. Nanocrystalline materials with new functionalities show great promise for use in industrial applications, such as reinforcing fillers in novel polymer composites, and substantial progress has been made in the past decade in their synthesis and processing.

New Composite Materials, ed. , v.

This volume presents a range of critical topics on the use of composite materials in civil engineering; industrial, commercial, and residential structures; and historic buildings. It focuses extensively on characterization of techniques employed for structural restoration and examines an assortment of materials such as concrete, wood, masonry, and steel.

Normally Hyperbolic Invariant Manifolds, ed. , v.

Provides an introduction to normally hyperbolic invariant manifolds, bridging nonlinear dynamics and differential geometry to demonstrate various new results in bounded geometry, including a completely worked out persistence proof using the Perron method.

Novel Synthesis and Characterization of Nanostructured Materials, ed. , v.

This book covers novel techniques used to synthesize nanostructured materials and characterize their properties such as crystallinity and crystallite size, specific surface area, particle size, morphology, and catalytic activity.

Post-Optimal Analysis in Linear Semi-Infinite Optimization, ed. , v.

Examines the following topics in regards to linear semi-infinite optimization: modeling uncertainty, qualitative stability analysis, quantitative stability analysis and sensitivity analysis.

Principles of Big Data, ed. , v.

Teaches readers how to organize large volumes of complex data, and how to achieve data permanence when the content of the data is constantly changing.

Understanding Augmented Reality, ed. , v.

This book addresses core conceptual issues regarding the medium of augmented reality as well as the technology required to support compelling augmented reality. Addressing AR as a medium at the conceptual level in addition to the technological level, it discusses AR applications that are not limited by today'™s technology, and provides examples that show what is possible with current technology.