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eBooks for the Fac. of Architecture

Annual Dynamics of Daylight Variability and Contrast, ed. , v.

This book introduces a new typological language that categorizes architectural space in terms of contrast and temporal variation. It proposes a new family of metrics that quantify the magnitude of contrast-based visual effects and time-based variation within daylit spaces, and demonstrates how, through the use of time-segmented daylight renderings, a more holistic analysis of daylight performance is made possible.

Architectural Acoustics, ed. 2, v.

Presents a thorough technical overview of the discipline, from basic concepts to specific design advice. Beginning with a brief history, it reviews the fundamentals of acoustics, human perception and reaction to sound, acoustic noise measurements, noise metrics, and environmental noise characterization.

Chinese Architecture Series: Chinese Gardens: Theory and Practice, ed. , v. 1

In the words of the author, as far as the harmonious relationship between man and nature is concerned,] the traditional Chinese garden is an artistic synthesis of architecture, rockery, water, and horticulture that exudes idyllic sentiments and picturesque fascinations. Though rockery and water are set out by man, they must look like wrought by nature. . . . The value of rockery is borne in its veins, and that of a stream or pond lies in its headwater; only when the veins and the headwater are interconnected can the entire garden come to dynamic life. . . . [And with regard to the relationship

Dream Jobs in Stadium and Sports Facility Operations, ed. , v.

This career guide focuses on what education and other life skills might be required to take on positions in stadium and sports facility operations.

Green Building, ed. , v.

Designed for those seeking a better understanding of current design and building performance issues, this text covers how buildings and ecosystems can work together, as well as the sustainability concerns inspiring current regulations. Relevant codes and standards are discussed in depth, with particular attention to the International Green Construction Code.

Skyscrapers and Towers, ed. , v.

In this book, students will learn all about famous skyscrapers and towers around the world and why they are considered engineering wonders!

Stadiums and Coliseums, ed. , v.

In this book, students will learn about modern stadiums as well as early Greek and Roman stadiums and coliseums that took massive manpower and engineering techniques that were unique to their time.

Super Structures, ed. , v.

Provides an introduction to historic buildings, unusual buildings, and buildings of the future.