Encyclopedia of Comic Books and Graphic Novels

Focuses on English-language comics, plus a small selection of influential Japanese and European works, with special emphasis on the new graphic novel format that emerged in the 1970s.

Epics for Students, ed. 2

Provides critical overviews of literary epics of all time periods, nations, and cultures. Includes discussions of themes, characters, literary traditions and cultural context.

Shakespeare for Students, ed. 2

Collection of essays by Shakespeare scholars that have been selected for students at the high school or undergraduate college level. Each entry includes an introduction; a plot synopsis; a character list; a discussion of the work's principal themes; information about the style and literary devices used; a conversation about the work's historical context; and a critical overview.

Something About the Author, v. 148

Provides illustrated biographical articles on authors and illustrators of works for children and young adults, ranging from established award winners to less prominent authors and illustrators whose works are just coming to be recognized, from past centuries through today. Covers such genres as picture books, humor, folk and fairy tales, mystery and adventure, science fiction and fantasy, historical fiction, poetry and nonsense verse, drama, biography, and nonfiction.

The Encyclopedia of Vampires & Werewolves, ed. 2

Provides more than 500 entries exploring the supernatural aspects of these creatures and their pop culture counterparts.

The Greenwood Library of World Folktales

Covers tales that are the foundations of the world's traditions, literature, and popular culture and are fundamental to daily life.

The Rough Guide to Manga

Features the manga story (a Japanese style of comic books) covering manga's twelfth-century roots to the rise of English-language manga with profiles of influential creators like Leiji Matsumoto and CLAMP.

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