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CP The Vietnam War
Honors The Vietnam War

Bibliography - Vietnam War

HONORS: Your Bibliography must include 7 reputable sources. 5 of the 7 sources must come from GMAHS-subscribed databasesCOLLEGE PREP: Your Bibliography must include 5 reputable sources. 3 of the 5 sources must come from GMAHS-subscribed databasesCitations must be listed in MLA format. For help with formatting, you may utilize an online resource like EasyBib which may be accessed here, or access the Purdue Owl MLA Style Guide (preferred method).

Expository Essay Map

The goal of this assignment is to craft an Expository Essay. Each paragraph of an Expository Essay has a distinct purpose. Refer to the Expository Essay Map found here, to ensure that you have satisfied the requirements of each element of your Expository Essay. 

All Essays must be submitted using Turnitin

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