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Gale Resources to Support Higher Education Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives on Campus

Cengage and Gale on Inclusion and Diversity: What we believe

Cengage has a critical role to play in providing quality, inclusive learning materials that empower progress and combat ignorance. As one of the largest education companies in the world, and a global employer, we are taking action to advance inclusion and diversity efforts in our workplaces, communities, and the education experiences we provide to learners and educators. We do this because it’s the right thing to do: for our customers, our employees and our business.

We recognize the immense responsibility we have and are committed to a programmatic and sustainable approach that ensures inclusion and diversity are core tenants of our culture and our business.

At Gale, a Cengage company, we put our talk into action. We believe that sustainable and meaningful change must happen from the inside out, so we are focused on the processes, learning and development that will create a more inclusive culture where all employees feel seen, heard and valued—and ensuring that extends into the experiences we create for our learners. This work will fuel our commitment to harnessing the strength of our content, platforms, and programs to improve the research and teaching of social issues.

The collections presented herein aim to educate users on the topics of racism, civil rights, and social injustice through a variety of sources. Primary source collections serve as living artifacts of history, case studies help students evaluate social issues through an intersectional lens, and literature course collections guide students toward a deeper understanding of cultures and forms of oppression through the works of diverse and global authors.

To learn more about how Gale is building bridges toward equality, visit: