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The CHS Media Center welcomes and encourages students and staff to take advantage of all the resources it has to offer. Ms. Cvetic is dedicated to creating an inviting and comfortable environment for reading, discussion, research and authentic learning. We invite you to stop by for an introduction to our library resources and to discuss how we can assist you. We invite you to make book recommendations that will enrich our collection.

The Media Center offers various clubs, a Makerspace, dye cuts, poster maker and laminator.

There are 3 gathering areas and 3 computer labs for teachers to sign out through Google Drive or request ext. 244. Classes in the Library must always be accompanied by a teacher. Resources may be placed on reserve in the library to ensure equal access and availability to your students for projects. Library Staff is available to collaborate with you and your students to help equip them with useful research tools. In addition, all freshman will receive an orientation to the library to introduce students to the CHS library resources, clubs and culture and expectations. Speak to the library staff about showcasing your student’s work or your department’s special events on the library display wall!

Please Leave the Library Better Than You Found It

Please treat others with respect. CHS prides itself on its culture of class and character.

Please use trash and recycle receptacles.

Please honor the number limit of chairs per table, do not move or add chairs.

Technology Information & Policies: 

Technology devices may only be used for academics.

Students may not alter computers, technology equipment.

Chargers are available.


Monday – Thursday                      7:15am 3:00pm

Friday                                                 7:15am 3:00pm

Library Phone Number                   410-299-9600

Ms. Cvetic’s email                           [email protected]