We will be using Google Slides to create our own graphic novels using Chromebooks or laptops.  Click the link below to access the graphic novel template:


You MUST create a new version of this file before you are able to start working.  To do this go to FILE and select MAKE A COPY.  Rename this new file and you should be able to get straight to work.

You can now begin working to create your own graphic novel!  Most of what you need to do will be found in the Insert menu. This is where you can insert images, text, word bubbles, and word art.

You can insert images you have saved on your computer, images in your Google Drive, search the web for images, or even use your device's camera to put a friend in your story.  If you search Google Images for a picture, I recommend adding "png" to your search term. This will usually give you pictures with transparent backgrounds.

Use Shape to add in speech bubbles under the Callouts heading.

Use the buttons in the red highlighted box to edit the colors of the shape you have selected.  The buttons in the blue box will edit your text.

For images of popular super heroes - goo.gl/7ZqoUg