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All electronic sources are available for home and school use for CHS students.Please ask your Library Media Specialist for home access passwords.



Databases indexing periodicals and scholarly journals. Other resources include encyclopedias, business directories, and government publications.

Gale In Context: Biography

Biographical and contextual information on notable people throughout history

Gale In Context: High School

An engaging student experience merges magazines, news, multimedia and more.

Gale In Context: Science

Academic articles, videos, experiments, and more

Gale OneFile: High School Edition

Information on high school research topics plus pop culture, sports, and more

Gale In Context: Elementary

Learn about animals, plants, music science, sports, and more

American History (ABC-CLIO)

Information on our nation’s evolution, from the explorers of the Americas to the issues of today’s headlines.

World History Ancient Medeival Eras (ABC-CLIO)

Covers early human history —from prehistoric times to the beginnings of the Renaissance.

World History Modern Eras (ABC-CLIO)

Covers human history —from the beginnings of the Renaissance to the present day.

World at War (ABC-CLIO)

Information and insights into the military conflicts that have defined our world from its beginning to today.