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Complete source for peer-reviewed scholarly articles across all academic disciplines

Books & Authors

Lively reviews and recommendations make book selection fun.

Career and Technical Sub Collection

Career and Technical Collection


Robust U.S. demographic data delivers consumer and market insight.

Gale eBooks

Enjoy unlimited access to top reference eBooks.

General OneFile

Magazine, news, and journal articles on general interest topics and current events

Global Issues

International academic perspectives on global issues

Gale Health and Wellness

Health-focused magazines, reference, video, and more.

Informe Academico

Una coleccion de revistas hispanicas con textos completos.


Regional, national, and world newspapers

Opposing Viewpoints

Continuously updated information and opinions cover hot issues.


Academic articles, videos, experiments, and more


Real business plans, how-to guides, articles, and more

High School

An engaging student experience merges magazines, news, multimedia and more.

U.S. History

Academic articles, videos, primary documents, and more on topics in U.S. history

World History

Academic articles, videos, case studies, and more on topics in world history


Literary works, biographies, images and much more for the lit student.