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We will create a community of lifelong learners.  We will expand technology knowledge of everyone in our schools.

Curriculum will be enriched through the integration of library media materials and technology.


Library, Media, and Technology services contribute to student achievement and lifelong learning by:

  • creating literate citizens with 21st century skills
  • facilitating effective application of technology to learning and information access
  • creating information literacy among students and staff
  • integrating and linking information technology across the curriculum by providing welcoming, accessible, student-centered library media centers


  • A robust library program fosters an interest in reading and lifelong learning
  • All children should have access to library media materials and technology
  • Staff needs to be knowledgeable, competent, and comfortable users of technology
  • Library Media and Technology Specialists have a central role in the development of information literacy and the integration of library media materials and technology into the curriculum as it meets the needs of each school building