Cash and Credit Information for Teens, ed. 3

Provides an updated look at how teens can earn and manage money. It covers practical information about receiving income, paying taxes, and budgeting.

College Financing Information for Teens, ed. 3

Provides information for teens about planning, saving, and paying for post-secondary education, with facts about government aid, private loans and scholarships, and other sources of financial assistance.

Encyclopedia of Business and Finance, ed. 2

Designed for the nonspecialist, the Encyclopedia of Business and Finance is a 2-vol. complete reference covering five general areas: finance and banking; accounting; marketing; management; and information systems. Drawing on practical professional expertise as well as that of noted scholars, the contributors include executives, government administrators and scholars from leading business programs from around the United States.

Encyclopedia of Small Business, ed. 5

Provides entrepreneurs with how-to information that they can apply to their own business. Features revised and expanded coverage to reflect the most current small business topics.

Savings and Investment Information For Teens, ed. 3

Provides information to help today's young adults learn how to develop the habit of saving money and investing for the future. It explains how the economy works and how factors such as interest rates and inflation impact personal wealth.

Small Business Sourcebook, ed. 34

Designed to facilitate the start-up, development and growth of specific small businesses, as well as similar listings for general small business topics. Entries are provided on a state-by-state basis; also included are relevant U.S. federal government agencies and branch offices.

The Value of a Dollar, ed. 5

Records the actual prices of thousands of items that consumers purchased from the Civil War to the present, along with facts about investment options and income opportunities.

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