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  • Digital Photography

    Digital Photography

    This introductory guide to digital photography explains the essential technical basics of every camera and lens. Illustrated step-by-step instructions teach you how to take pictures like the professionals.

  • Microsoft    Excel    2013

    Microsoft Excel 2013

    This guide will teach any novice how to perform all of the essential functions, including how to create a spreadsheet from scratch; build and edit basic formulas and functions; manage, sort, and edit data cleanly and efficiently; create and insert graphics; work with tables; and generate readable reports.

  • Playing Guitar

    Playing Guitar

    This guide provides clear and simple instructions, hundreds of helpful photos, and dozens of practice songs and exercises to quickly and easily learn the fundamentals of playing guitar.

  • The Complete Idiots Guide to Medical Terminology

    The Complete Idiots Guide to Medical Terminology

    This handbook shows readers how to master medicine's core terminology so they can successfully pass their academic courses and certification tests. It introduces readers to Greek and Latin roots and provides an outline of the body's systems, an explanation of the body's physiology, and a primer on commonly used terms for diseases, injuries, conditions, tests, and procedures.

  • Yoga


    Provides illustrated step-by-step lessons to help you achieve proper form; easy modifications for new yogis.